One Billion Bytes Offers One Million Dollar Earning Solution by Selling Each Byte

Saying good bye to traditional methods of marketing and introducing 21st century marketing solution, OneBillionByte is offering 1 billion bytes to internet users to promote their products or services by purchasing as low as 1KB for only $1. The idea is simple; the user would need to buy bytes in against to the file he/she wants to be advertised on the website.

Dakovo, Croatia, August 10, 2010 --( Dario Trbovic, creator and administrator of One Billion Bytes (, explains that "byte marketing" makes use of the smallest amount of data in a computer (after bit) the same way The Million Dollar Homepage made use of pixels to go viral and raise its target $1,000,000.

On the site, users will be able to buy 1 kilobyte for $1. With enough space, he or she can set the link to his or her product. Once set up, users can finally take advantage of the interesting way the site markets its goods, with all the products on the front page categorized easily for visitors' perusal and, hopefully, downloading.

"I want to offer to the world an original idea for marketing their products and services. I want to take tiny advertising to another level - a level that users can't see," adds Dario.

The owner envisions the website to ultimately feature many different products and files, all secure and easily navigable for prospective buyers. A script will convert the size of the file into kilobytes, to determine the price users have to pay. The minimum purchase stands at 1 kilobyte or $1.

"I was inspired by where the founder used pixels," he adds. "On one hand, byte is invisible, but on the other, it is also very functional."

Dario further assures users that the site doesn't accept "potentially dangerous" file types so navigation and use are safe and secure.

One Billion Bytes ( is a pioneering site that targets to sell one billion bytes in the same way The Million Dollar Homepage sold pixel by pixel. Users can buy 1 kilobyte on the site for $1 and use the space for any product that they like, be it software, music, etc.

One Billion Bytes
Dario Trbovic