Edson Cleaning Facility, a Murphy Corporation, Announces Installation of New Product Separation Pit in Edson

Edson, Canada, August 12, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Wayne Murphy of Edson Alberta announced today that the newly designed product separation pit has been completed and implemented in the Edson Alberta Cleaning Facility. This allows for product separation of solids, oils and reusable water. The benefits are many. The ability to reuse water on demand means substantial reduction in disposal costs for their client, allows for high pressure 2” blasting jets and most importantly is great for the environment.

Already the benefits are being seen. In its first 2 weeks of operation, in excess of 85% of all wash water has been recycled and reused. Their goal is to exceed 95%. The Edson Cleaning facility has always been a leader in the safe and environmentally sound practice of washing equipment in a contained environment. While most of the competition continues to wash equipment out in their yards, it is evident the public opinion will soon dictate that contaminating industrial areas is unacceptable.

The company is now working towards complete automation of cleaning practices. This will allow for an even safer work environment and substantial cost savings for their client base. For information contact Wayne Murphy at (780) 723-1800.

Edson Cleaning Facility
Wayne Murphy