Innovative Language Learning Makes Going Back to School Easy and Fun maker offers deep discount to make summer studies more interesting, less expensive

Tokyo, Japan, August 12, 2010 --( Students looking to get ahead in their fall classes will all be doing one thing this summer: practicing and preparing ahead of time. But without the structure of a classroom, it can be difficult to stay focused and on task. Signing up for classes, however, can be expensive, and are often at odds with summer travel plans. Students looking to prepare effectively need a method that is fast, easy, and fun, so that they can stay motivated, but also mobile so that it can follow them wherever they need to go.

This summer, getting ahead in language classes is getting even easier and less expensive with Innovative Language Learning, the maker of and 16 other language learning sites. The company’s lessons, which download with great simplicity onto any portable media player, are as easy to listen on the seaside or plane as they are in a more traditional study room. They are, moreover, far less expensive than classes -- and are only getting more so with a special end-of-the-summer discount.

“Part of our mission is to support education at all levels,” Innovative Language Learning CEO Peter Galante said. “That’s why this summer we are offering anyone -- not just current school students -- the opportunity to save 29 percent off any premium or basic subscription to any of our language websites.”

Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic, and even English students can visit and sign up for a subscription at one of the company’s many language sites. Students can also enjoy the same kinds of lessons at the same discounted price at one of the company’s five brand new sites: Thai at, Cantonese at, Portuguese at, Greek at, and Polish at

Innovative Language Learning uses advanced techniques to break down even the most complex languages into easily digestible pieces. Then, it delivers them to its listeners in fun and entertaining audio and video programs.

Students can afterward go to one of these sixteen language sites and solidify what they’ve learned with a variety of tools, including an audio-visual flash-card like repetition system, a voice recording tool, audio transcripts, and much more.

The discount, which gives access to all the great materials that these sites have to offer, is only available until August 29, but is easily redeemable by anyone using the coupon code BACK2SCHOOL when purchasing a subscription.

About Innovative Language Learning

Innovative Language Learning, LLC, is an on-demand language training company that utilizes cutting-edge, user-friendly technology to bring daily lessons to a worldwide listening base. Since its founding in December 2005, the Innovative Language Learning, LLC family of sites has grown exponentially currently averaging over 3.5 million audio downloads per month.

The Innovative Language Learning product family includes dedicated language instruction at,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and; essential travel phrases, cultural insights and travel tips at; fast-track language-learning at; and over 376 language-learning applications covering 36 languages for the iPhone and other platforms. Innovative Language Learning is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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