Promotional T-Shirt Supplier Shirtworks Fulfils Record Custom T-Shirt Order of 5,000 T-Shirts Printed in Five Days for Space Nightclub Ibiza

Shirtworks has recently completed a large custom t-shirt order in record time, printing 5 different designs onto 5,000 t-shirts with a lead time of only five days.

Oxford, United Kingdom, August 12, 2010 --( Shirtworks has announced the recent completion of a record t-shirt order for Space Nightclub in Ibiza. The leading supplier of promotional t-shirts and customised clothing was tasked with printing five different t-shirt designs onto 5,000 t-shirts within a five day period. The t-shirt order, one of the largest to be completed within such a short time-frame, was completed during the peak t-shirt printing season, and required the procurement of plain red v-necked cotton t-shirts. For more information visit or call 0800 0725334.

"When I heard about the size of the order, I didn't blink an eyelid; we often complete large t-shirt printing orders for companies," said Arron Harnden, MD for Shirtworks. "However, when we were told that it needed to be completed within five days, well then the adrenaline kicked in as the order came in during our peak t-shirt printing season! The t-shirts were needed for a big event at the Space nightclub in Ibiza, one involving the DJ Carl Cox as his name was on one of the T-shirt designs!"

When asked which part of the project was a particular challenge, Arron said; "Aside from the incredibly tight lead time, the most difficult aspect of this order was the procurement of 5,000 red cotton v-neck t-shirts. Normally that wouldn't be problematic at all, but the order was during the 2010 World Cup and that kind of t-shirt was in short supply as a result. We got it all together in the end though, and the Space team was very happy," Arron concluded. "So were we actually! We sent them a bottle of champagne with the completed order and there were big smiles and cheers here too when the last of the t-shirts went out of the door!"

About Shirtworks

Shirtworks was founded in 1985 and is now a leading direct supplier of promotional clothing, corporate gifts and promotional merchandise with the capacity to print orders of any size. At the Shirtworks promotional clothing workshop, there are screenprinting machines capable of printing logos and designs up to 10 ink colours, and machines which can embroider logos up to 7 thread colours. Shirtworks also holds large stocks of the most popular garments, including products from Screenstars, Jerzees, Hanes, Kustom Kit, Beechfield and Result.

Shirtworks' promotional clothing clients range from local schools, companies and clubs to large national plcs, charities and promotional companies. Shirtworks has always been committed to providing good quality promotional products at competitive prices combined with a friendly and helpful service. Even though Shirtworks supplies promotional clothing and branded promotional products throughout the UK and abroad, the company is very proud of its relationship with local customers, particularly with the many university colleges in Oxford.

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