Soap-Solutions, Announced the Release of the First Back Testing System Applied to Supply-Chain

Manhattan Beach, CA, August 12, 2010 --( The simulation module includes some amazing new functionalities like: distribution network designer, back testing of what if scenario, widgetized dashboard, cost driven scenarios comparisons, detailed operational and financial reports, ROI calculator and many more.

Thru its new back testing of what if scenarios approach, Soap-Solutions provide for a low cost a powerful tool allowing simulation of a supply-chain strategy.

What the system provides is a simple answer to a complex question: “What if my future supply-chain strategy was implemented last year?”

In an environment where mergers and acquisitions, business growth or downsizing, competitive pressure to increase costs efficiency, change in customer service requirements, new market opportunities, change in supply or customer base, increase in transportation or real estate costs are moving faster and faster every year; most of the company will find it handy to have access to this software providing quick and reliable financial assessment of your strategy.

From a full distribution network redesign to a simple local optimization, Soap-Solutions back testing approach is the low cost, risk free, system that can save you big.

Igor Castang