Lubriserv's New Equipment Line Up for Swarf Processing

With Lubriserv's experience in metalworking fluids and service they are ideally placed to offer the optimum equipment solutions for the metalworking industry including: fluid filtration and separation, oil mist extraction, swarf handling and processing. Lubriserv take an overall view looking at customers' complete manufacturing processes to ensure equipment solutions provide the most cost effective methods and a quick return on investment.

Doncaster, United Kingdom, August 13, 2010 --( Engineering companies in the UK face increasing waste disposal costs and pressure from legislative authorities to reduce their impact on the environment.

Effective swarf management is now of key importance and not just a side issue. Managing swarf properly will improve a company's image, help the environment and save both money and effort.

Industry examples illustrate the potential cost and environmental benefits of adopting a professional approach to swarf management.

Lubriserv offer a full range of swarf processing equipment including:

- Conveyors, harpoon, magnetic, drag, pneumatic
- Blow systems
- Vacuum systems
- Screening
- Crushers / rippers
- Hoppers / feed systems
- Centrifuges / spinners
- Magnetic separators
- Briquetters

Waste swarf from machining contains large amounts of coolant. Up to 90% can be recycled and returned to production. When all coolant is removed, swarf earns a higher scrap price that further increases in value when delivered in the form of briquettes. This also reduces the requirement for storage space, and handling becomes simpler and more effective.

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