NextComputing Announces Portable Radiology Workstation, the NextDimension TravelRad

NextComputing unveils a new convenient solution for teleradiologists in inconvenient locations.

Nashua, NH, August 14, 2010 --( Powerful computer-in-a-briefcase gives radiologists the flexibility to perform reads anywhere

NextComputing, makers of high-performance portable and small footprint computers, announces a new solution for radiologists who want the flexibility to perform diagnostic reads from any location. The NextDimension TravelRad is a compact, briefcase-sized, high-performance workstation computer and a pair of detachable, high-resolution displays that provide a turnkey portable solution for remote reading and reporting of imaging studies across several modalities.

Although the teleradiology movement has spurred a huge growth in remote imaging services, radiologists are still largely restricted to working wherever there is adequate workstation hardware for the job. This usually means either the imaging facility or their remote or home office where a suitable PACS workstation is located. Even traveling radiologists who service multiple facilities are still limited to using only the system provided to them by a facility, with no viable alternative if they need to work anywhere else. Even high-end laptops do not offer the performance and functionality for a real teleradiology workflow.

Using feedback gathered from the teleradiology community, NextComputing has developed a portable computer solution that frees radiologists from the restrictions of stationary workstations. The NextDimension TravelRad system combines a powerful workstation and integrated monitor with two high-resolution, portrait-oriented displays for a complete PACS reading station that. The entire system can be set up and broken down in minutes and fits into a convenient travel case.

Easy to transport and small enough to be taken on the passenger section of an airplane, the NextDimension TravelRad allows radiologists to work from anywhere there is power and an internet connection. This enables radiology practices to provide a higher level of care and run a more efficient and profitable business by providing the flexibility to work wherever and whenever it is most convenient. And because the TravelRad supports both industry standard PACS viewing and voice recognition software in one system, radiologists can work more efficiently and support their clients better.

To learn more about the NextDimension TravelRad portable radiology workstation, please visit the NextComputing website at or call 1-603-886-3874 for more information.

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