EPL Skylift Teams Up with 11 Year Old George for Charity Picture

Lutterworth, United Kingdom, August 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- When an 11 year old schoolboy has a great idea to raise money for his local hospice the sky is definitely not the limit for EPL Skylift.

Children at Beechwood Park School, near Luton, were asked to come up with ideas to raise money for Keech Cottage Children's Hospice, which the school regularly supports.

George Poole, aged 11, was inspired by a Halifax TV advert which features people filmed from above. His idea was to photograph children forming the shape of the school’s new logo – a tree – and raise money by selling the picture to parents.

The big question was, how could he do it? Then he had a brainwave: "On the way to school each day I had noticed a company called EPL Skylift in Flamstead. They specialise in the hire of powered access platforms," says George.

"I visited them and explained that I wanted to organise an aerial photo of 500 school children standing in the shape of a tree. I was really nervous but EPL Skylift couldn't have been more helpful, they even offered to reserve the cherry picker for two days in case it rained on the first date, which fortunately it didn't.”

Jo Brown, Hire Manager at EPL Skylift, said: “When George approached us with his wonderful fundraising idea, we new straight away that we could help out by providing a suitable machine for the job.

“We worked out that to get 500 people in one picture; the photographer would have to shoot from a height of around 20 metres. We supplied a T27R, which offers 27 metres of working height and was perfectly stable for the photographer to get a great shot.”

George said: "Next, I contacted the photography company that comes to the school to take team photos, and they agreed to take the photo with all profits going to Keech Cottage.”

Adam Berry, of Prêt-a-Portrait Ltd, said: “The shoot was great fun. It was made even more enjoyable by the fact I was hoisted 20 metres up in the air! I was able to use a sketch of the tree and a megaphone to quickly get the children organised.

“The platform made the entire exercise possible by offering a quick and safe way to get the fantastic aerial perspective you see in the picture. I can now definitely see that there will be opportunities to use powered access in future projects.”

George said: "With Mr Packer, our deputy headmaster, I worked out where each year group would stand, so that the older children in their blazers formed the tree trunk and branches, the junior department boys in their green shirts could look like leaves and the girls in summer dresses could be the blossom.

"Edward, my younger brother helped to spread the word amongst his friends in Year 3, who stood in white shirts and formed the base of the tree.

"I think the photo has come out very well and I was fortunate enough to be allowed to go up in the cherry picker as well. I hope all the parents will buy at least one copy. I must also say a very big thank you to EPL Skylift and Prêt-a-Portrait because this would not have been possible without their support and kindness."

Mr Packer adds: "George has really used his initiative to organise this event entirely on his own and it's probably true to say that we have never managed to get so many children to stand so still for over half an hour."

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