Introducing a New Tool in the Fight Against Childhood Obesity:

Introduction of the first video-based website that provides daily physical activity for kids. Free to all users: kids, parents and teachers.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, August 16, 2010 --( In the fight against childhood obesity and for healthier children, there is finally a new, fun and free resource available. Introducing, the first video based website that focuses on daily physical activity for kids. delivers a new and different workout video each day on the platform kids love and trust: the computer.

"Over thirty percent of American children are obese largely due to poor eating habits and lack of physical activity," says Angel Cicerone, president and co-founder of the company.

"Since kids have very little control of the food that is put in front of them at home or at school, it made sense to create a fun tool that gives them the opportunity to exercise on their terms." offers points for completing the “Daily Sweat” video which can be redeemed for valuable prizes, including an I-Pod. “Our rich reward system keeps kids engaged and motivated,” continued Cicerone.

The site is completely free to all users: kids, parents and teachers. Even the equipment used in the videos is found or made from household items.

A few of the GetSweaty highlights include:

The Junkyard, an edgy workout “space” that includes a big screen TV that broadcasts the Daily Sweaty workout video

Individual GetSweaty profile pages where each child’s points are automatically recorded, workouts are logged and the child can track his or her progress

Compliance with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act

Teachers Get Rewards, Too

GetSweaty is also configured to be an easy-to-use tool for teachers to incorporate physical activity in the classroom.

Said Cicerone, “Physical activity doesn’t just improve a child’s fitness, it is also statistically linked to improved school performance and behavior. GetSweaty can help fill the gap between physical activity mandates and budget cuts in school and help create a better school experience for students and teachers alike.”

GetSweaty is literally implemented in the classroom with the push of a button. No extra work or planning is required.

Teachers have their own technology that allows them to create Classroom Crews that will simultaneously assign individual students their points, even when using GetSweaty on just one computer. Teachers can then qualify for a quarterly Cash for Class bonus based on total accumulated points.

With school about to start, GetSweaty is the perfect way to get kids moving at home and at school.

“We are committed to improving the health of our children through physical activity,” said Cicerone. “GetSweaty was created to be a fun, accessible way to help kids start to build lifelong healthy habits.”

Angel Cicerone