Healthy Initiatives for Internet Marketing Firm Bayshore Solutions Making Strides in 2010

Internet marketing firm Bayshore Solutions inspire employees to have a healthy lifestyle. Tampa Web development firm puts health first using technology to keep track of every stride.

Tampa, FL, August 14, 2010 --( Bayshore Solutions Steps up for Health with Running Team Challenge Using Technology to Track Each Stride

Tampa Web development firm Bayshore Solutions is supporting the goal of a healthy workplace by incorporating healthy initiatives available to employees. Their latest step in 2010 is a voluntary running team challenge that uses technology to keep track of every step.

Using the Nike+ Sensor and by registering an account on Nike’s website the Tampa Internet marketing firm employees are teaming up with technology to keep track of their mileage. The Bayshore Solutions’ employee that logs the most mileage by the end of 2010 will win their choice of a pair of high-end running shoes to continue their fitness momentum. The challenge is open any Bayshore Solutions’ employee that would like to participate.

Kevin Hourigan, President and CEO of Bayshore Solutions noted, “We believe encouraging a healthy work place creates a better work environment, from feeling better individually to functioning better as teams and motivating each other. Another informal and ongoing incentive has been that the employee who can beat me wins my executive parking place. This keeps me into the challenge as well. I haven’t lost my parking spot yet, but I am both impressed and a little wary of the strong contenders I will face at our next company team race.”

Miguel Feliciano, Senior Programmer at the Tampa Web development firm captains the fitness challenge team with a goal in mind. “We prepare for races like Gasparilla 5K and a few other race events each year as part of Bayshore Solutions team wellness initiative. It’s a lot of fun and encourages camaraderie and friendly competition among co-workers. But I wanted to be inspired by something that would motivate me to prioritize fitness in my lifestyle all the time and that is why I headed up this fitness challenge.”

Feliciano is currently winning the challenge at 177.09 miles so far this year with Bayshore Solutions CTO, Steve Hasselbach a close second at 122.3. The total running team has accumulated 509.52 miles since March of this year.

Continuing to incorporate health and wellness the Tampa Internet marketing firm sponsored employees and their families earlier this year who wanted to participate in the Gasparilla 5K run. Last August, Bayshore Solutions sponsored a 3.3 mile challenge for employees as part of the 5K Summer Series Challenge held at Al Lopez Park.

The Tampa Web design firm re-fueled employees by sponsoring a healthy breakfast the day after the race, and presented an award ceremony for Best Time, Best Finish, Most Improved, and more to inspire employees to put their best foot forward for health.

Among the Bayshore Solutions team, Corporate Marketing Director, Kimberly McCormick finished a proud last, yet winning the company’s Most Fashionable Running Accessory award by pushing her 3-month old baby through the course in a stroller. "I am not a strong runner by any means, but it was a fun event to share with my co-workers on a more personal level." McCormick said. "And, slogging across that finish line nearly an hour later, hearing my work mates cheering has inspired me to keep walking and running as best I can."

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