21st Century Oncology Among World’s First to Offer TrueBeam™

New radiation delivery system accelerates treatment for cancer with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Fort Myers, FL, August 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- 21st Century Oncology is among the first in the world to offer cancer patients access to a faster and safer radiation treatment system called TrueBeam. Unveiled just over three months ago, there are fewer than a dozen TrueBeam machines in the world – and 21st Century Oncology offices in Naples and Fort Myers are the first to install it in the U.S. behind Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The Naples office plans to begin using TrueBeam for patients on September 1, while the Fort Myers location plans to begin offering TrueBeam treatment delivered in conjunction with Calypso on September 15.

TrueBeam is a fully-integrated system designed to treat a moving target, such as a tumor that moves slightly when patients breathe, with unprecedented speed and accuracy. It can be used for prostate, brain, lung, spine, liver and other cancers. TrueBeam system makes it possible to deliver accurate image-guided treatments faster than previously available technology. In fact, most treatments take only a few minutes per day. Image-guidance tools can generate 3-D anatomical images 60 percent faster and these images can be generated using 25 percent less of an X-ray dose. This enables physicians to target tumors with accuracy that is measured in fractions of millimeters.

In another exclusive, 21st Century Oncology will use TrueBeam in conjunction with the Calypso® tracking system in Fort Myers. Calypso, which has been called GPS for the body, uses real-time tracking by following even the tiniest of tumor movement and stopping radiation treatment until the tumor moves back into place, ensuring the beam stays directed at the tumor, not healthy tissue. The combination of these two systems will make cancer treatment faster, safer, and more accurate and efficient than ever.

“Bringing TrueBeam to Southwest Florida when it’s so new is a big step forward in the treatment of cancer in our area. Bringing two TrueBeams is even more so, and gives our patients access to the very latest in medical care,” says Dr. Constantine Mantz, a practicing radiation oncologist, director of research with 21st Century Oncology and medical director of the Prostate Cancer Institute. “TrueBeam’s power, combined with the precision and accuracy of our Calypso system, is going to make it a great treatment option for patients with prostate and other cancers.”

“TrueBeam is a revolutionary upgrade in radiation treatment, and the bottom line for patients is that TrueBeam lets us treat cancer tumors much faster and with less risk of side effects,” says Dr. Chaundre Cross, a radiation oncologist with 21st Century Oncology in Naples. “It’s like combining the popular CyberKnife® and RapidArc® treatment systems into one machine. The radiation dose it takes CyberKnife to deliver in 45 minutes to an hour can be delivered by TrueBeam in less than a minute.”

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Headquartered in Fort Myers, 21st Century Oncology, Inc. is a leading developer and operator of radiation therapy centers in the U.S. For more than 20 years, 21st Century Oncology has been committed to providing premier, quality, cost-effective radiation therapy services that are responsive to the needs of its patients through continuous improvement and innovation. The company operates in 17 states and has more than 20 offices in Southwest Florida.

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