Luskin Writes Guest Blog About "Sense of Place" for Her Circle Ezine

Vermont author Deborah Lee Luskin has written a guest blog about the role of “Sense of Place” in her work for the on-line publication Her Circle Ezine. "Into The Wilderness," Luskin’s first published novel, is set in Vermont in 1964.

Williamsville, VT, August 14, 2010 --( "Into The Wilderness" is the love story between two lonely sixty-somethings who meet in the fictional town of Orton, Vermont, where the landscape and seasons change as dramatically as their hearts. Luskin’s lyrical prose portrays Vermont at mid-century, on the cusp of changing from an agrarian backwater into the progressive, rural state it is today.

Like her character, Rose Mayer, Luskin was a New Yorker who came to Vermont as a summer person – and stayed. She cites the quiet and spaciousness of the rural landscape as essential to her creative process. In addition, Luskin finds nature a rich source of metaphor. In her essay for Her Circle Ezine, Luskin explains how winter dominates life in Vermont; happily, it is a season she loves. Rose, on the other hand, learns to endure winter before she comes to enjoy it.

The invitation to write the guest blog is not the first time "Into The Wilderness" has been recognized for its “Sense of Place”. The novel received recognition at the Vermont Library Association’s 116th Conference in May, where it was one of just sixty books published in 2009-2010 for its quality rather than its advertising budget.

Luskin has also written a guest blog about Print-on-Demand publishing and the new paradigm of the micro press for the Champlain College Publishing Initiative. She is a regular commentator for Vermont Public Radio.

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