UL Certification for Multi-Contact Robotic Connectors

MC Robotic Connectors TSB150 and TSS150 Now UL Recognized

Santa Rosa, CA, November 22, 2005 --(PR.com)-- Multi-Contact USA is pleased to announce that their flanged male sockets and female plugs for robotics, product series TSS150 and TSB150 are now UL recognized. Although primarily used for welding robots these connectors are also suitable for a variety of robotic applications, such as: automated assembly lines, tool changers, industrial equipment and factory automation (especially automotive). TSS150 and TSB150 are UL rated up to 180A, 600V. A wide selection of housing and cable termination points make them versatile for automated production lines. Every connector set comes equipped with their high performance, reliable MultilamTM bands. Along with the power connections, it is possible to incorporate two pilot contacts for signal leads. For an extra degree of safety there are six coding configurations available. Not only are the TSS150 and TSB150 robotic connectors user-friendly, but they are also built to the highest safety standards. They are IEC and VDE compliant and now UL recognized, which allow their customers the freedom to use these connectors in more UL type applications.

Robotic Connectors for Welding Robots

Welding robots in the automotive industry operate at high speeds with a wide range of mechanical flexibility. Such conditions can cause stress on the electrical wiring, sometimes leading to compromised cable integrity. To minimize downtime, their customers began to require installation wiring be broken into easily replaceable sections joined by MC connectors. This modular design allows for fast and efficient repair of welding robots, and ensures that uptime is maximized. In case of a cable failure one can easily pinpoint the affected segment and replace that section of cable. MC robotic connectors are designed to connect sections of cable quickly and easily with minimal rewiring.
Multi-Contact USA
Patrick Strahm