Stardust Broadcasting Adds Fox News Airings to Its DRTV Starter Package

Stardust Broadcast has added airings on Fox News to its Stardust Starter 9500 package. The package includes a professional script, national broadcast quality 60 second commercial by an Emmy award winning producer, and 945 airings across the USA.

Golden, CO, August 16, 2010 --( Stardust Broadcasting with 22 years of producing and airing successful infomercials and commercials announced today a major upgrade to its Stardust DRTV Starter Package program. Mark Liddell, President of Stardust Broadcasting Operations explained “We have expanded our DRTV Starter Package that provides products an inexpensive and effective way to have a commercial aired nationally 945 times to include airings on Fox News on select stations. All revenue generated from the 945 airings including those on Fox News will belong to the client, and if results are successful, Stardust will take the commercial national at no additional cost to our client.”

Mr. Liddell stated “Adding airings Fox News, one of the most popular news shows, should be a big plus for our clients. Our goal is to have the Starter package be the most effective and affordable method for the product owner to learn how successful their product can be.”

Mr. Liddell also stated “If a client has an existing commercial that we think is effective, we will reduce the cost of our Starter Package, and use that commercial for the 945 airings. The bottom line is that we are looking for winners. We make our money on the back end, so we are incentivized to make it as easy and painless as possible for product owners to have their products see if they can perform on DRTV.”

According to Mr. Liddell “Nothing can make a product a household name like television but it has to be seen first- and our Starter Package allows that to occur in a quality and low risk manner. Our joint venture model, where we make a profit only when our client does remains the fairest model in the DRTV business.”

About Stardust Broadcasting.

Stardust Broadcasting has been in business for 22 years. Throughout this period, Stardust has built excellent relations with large networks and production studios. These trusted relationships and the continual stream of successful products we represent allow us the leverage with networks for Joint Venture Agreements. Stardust has produced and aired hundreds of commercials and infomercials and our infomercial for Dermal Tone in the 2000’s sold over $100 million of product.

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