Samurai Karate to Participate in Pawmetto Lifeline Tag Sale

Columbia, SC, August 18, 2010 --( Samurai Karate Studio, located in Columbia, South Carolina, in Richland Northeast, has volunteered to help Pawmetto Lifeline, formally known as Project Pet, with a tag sale scheduled for Saturday, August 28th. SKS is collecting tag sale items at its school and will present items for sale during the tag sale event.

"We are assisting Pawmetto Lifeline collect donated items for the tag sale and some of my students will be assisting the day of the tag sale," commented Sensei Chris Feldt, owner and chief instructor for Samurai Karate Studio.

The tag sale is being held at St. David's Episcopal Church, located on Polo Road, from 8:00am to 1:00pm.

Project Pet, a community-based, people/pet project founded by volunteers from four local animal welfare organizations, who joined to humanely reduce pet overpopulation in the Midlands through innovative, pro-active programs, was founded in 2000.

According to its website, the goals of the organization are:

Create a no-kill community in the South Carolina Midlands so that no healthy (or treatable), adoptable pets are euthanized in municipal shelters

Develop and execute comprehensive community spay/neuter programs that reach out to all areas.

Build a no-kill companion pet shelter/adoption center in Columbia, South Carolina Increase pet ownership and retention.

Initiate educational programs that define the problem, prioritize the resources, and find the solutions

Propose and support legislation to protect companion pets.

Find uninformed owners and intervene with appropriate education and assistance before their pets become history.

Develop pet/people therapy programs throughout the community.

Curtail amateur and backyard breeding.

Ensure that every microchipped pet that gets lost finds its way back home.

Develop programs to care for sick and injured companion pets.

To find out more information about Pawmetto Lifeline, you may visit their website at

"This organization does amazing work in our community," stated Feldt, "and without groups like them, stray animals would immediately be put to sleep instead of being provided with a loving home and family. I would ask the local community to embrace this fund raiser and help support a very worthy cause!"

Samurai Karate Studio teaches a traditional style of Japanese karate to children and adults, beginning at age 3.5 years. The SKS curriculum includes acts of kindness, anger management, Diabetes awareness, environmental self defense and community service.

If you would like more information about SKS, please contact Sensei Feldt at 803-462-9425 or email him at

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Sensei Chris Feldt