Media Personality, Dr. Leigh-Davis, is Delving Into the Effects of Pornography on Relationships

In follow-up to the popular topic: “Evil Things Women Do,” Dr. Leigh-Davis, host of “The Real Deal” radio show, will discuss whether pornography is damaging to a couple’s relationship.

Los Angeles, CA, August 18, 2010 --( “The Real Deal” radio show, hosted by Dr. Leigh-Davis, is broadcasting a follow-up to the episode “Evil Things Women Do.” Dr. Leigh-Davis is a female law professor, retired attorney, and media personality best known for regularly appearing on numerous television news programs as a legal analyst and legal commentator. After airing the first episode on the topic “Evil Things Women Do,” Dr. Leigh-Davis forewarned, “Currently, the discussion has stayed ‘PG’ rated. However, there is a possibility, future episodes of this topic may be for ‘mature audiences only’.” Clearly the future is now upon us, because “The Real Deal” recently aired a “mature audiences only” episode on women, and has a pornography episode in process.

“The pornography episode is an intelligent, reasoned debate on the effects of pornography when used in a couple’s relationship. I would never allow it to be a raunchy discussion with no direction or point,” stated Dr. Leigh-Davis. Following being asked why “The Real Deal” episode entitled “Evil Things Women Do,” spends so much time expounding on sex, Dr. Leigh-Davis responded, “When you have a discussion on women, and their relationship to men, you cannot avoid the topic of sex, because it is one of the biggest factors in ‘any couple’s relationship;’ with a big emphasis on the phrase ‘any couple’s relationship.’ Realistically, unless your man has a mental disability, he is thinking about sex most of the time; that is what men do.” Dr. Leigh-Davis continued, “I find it quit humorous when women tell me, they do not have time to have sex with their husband, because they are taking care of the kids or working. Women like this need to wakeup and realize that sex is one of the most integral parts a relationship. Thereby, you need to make time for it, whether that means forgoing: a shopping spree; getting your nails done; or
watching your favorite television show.”

Recently, The Washington Post reported, “SEC porn scandal results in zero firings, agency says,” in the SEC investigation of 28 employees and 5 contractors who were caught accessing pornographic websites. (The Washington Post, by Ed O’Keefe, April 27, 2010 With the abundance of pornography in the world and on the internet, Dr. Leigh-Davis believes: not discussing pornography is like trying to ignore the proverbial elephant in the room. Subsequently, The Washington Times reported, “More women lured to pornography addiction,” and described men as “the more visually stimulated of the two sexes.” (The Washington Times, by Rachel B. Duke, July 11, 2010 Thereby, it appears, for a couple to realistically improve their relationship, they must face the reality of pornography and its influence on their relationship.

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