Golfer's Already Have Enough Power

Teaching Golfers How to Properly Apply Their Power.

Fort Myers, FL, August 18, 2010 --( 15 Minute Golf®, is proud to announce the launching of the Zoom Boom. The Zoom Boo is the world’s first and only Tri-Angular Balanced swing trainer. “It is our belief that most golfers already have enough power to hit a golf ball. The problem is that they are not quite sure of how to apply that power,” said Lance McWilliams President/Inventor, 15 Minute Golf “And, that is where the Zoom Boom comes to the rescue. The Zoom Boom is designed to help golfers learn to apply their power properly during the swing.”

The 5 hardest things to learn in the golf swing are: staying on plane, maintaining lag, releasing the club at the correct point, squaring the club face at impact, and finishing in a balanced position. In the past instructors have had to figure out ways to communicate all of this to the golfer through various methods. And, many times the golfer had wished that could just get that ‘feel’ what a golf swing was suppose to feel like. Well, now they can... it is easier than you might think; and it will take less than a minute.

The first time you swing the Zoom Boom™ you will notice how the weight helps you to stay on plane. You will feel the counter balancing in the grip which creates that elusive lag that will give you more power. You will observe how centrifugal force teaches you to release the club at the same point on each swing. You will see the two white balls squaring through impact, replicating exactly what you want your club face to be doing. Then you will notice how easy it is to finish the swing in perfect balance.

The Zoom Boom™ will help you ‘feel’ what a perfect swing feels like. This makes your learning process so much easier.

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15 Minute Golf LP was formed in January 2008 as a venture to help golfers improve their game. 15 Minute Golf LP is an outside the box golf company that is striving to help golfers have more fun.

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