Chooseco Unveils Choose Your Own Adventure® 2007 Spring/Summer Catalog

Choose Your Own Adventure® Dragonlarks™ series heads off CYOA lineup for early 2007

Waitsfield, VT, December 28, 2006 --( Chooseco LLC, publisher of Choose Your Own Adventure, has just released its Spring Summer 2007 catalog. Amongst the books are the much-anticipated Choose Your Own Adventure Dragonlarks series.

"We are particularly excited about Dragonlarks, our first series for younger readers," says Melissa Bounty, Senior Managing Editor. "The books are larger format and aimed at a second grade reader. They are also the first CYOA books ever done in four-color."

Four Dragonlarks will be published in May. All four titles are written by CYOA series author and founder R. A. Montgomery. They include Your Very Own Robot, Indian Trial, Dangerous Caravan and The Haunted House.

"The target age range for Dragonlarks is pivotal in reading development," says Publisher Shannon Gilligan. "The engaging interactive nature of Choose Your Own Adventure lends itself to the learning process. Studies have shown that we learn more quickly when something is imbedded in an interactive matrix."

In addition to the new Dragonlarks imprint, there are six more Choose Your Own Adventure classics being released. They include: #15 Beyond Escape, #16 Secret of the Ninja, #17 The Brilliant Doctor Wogan, #18 Return to Atlantis, #19 Forecast from Stonehenge, and #20 Inca Gold.

Forecast from Stonehenge is special to the line-up for this summer. It is the first brand new CYOA title to be published since 1998.

Look for an entirely new series from Choose Your Own Adventure in Fall 2007 as Chooseco rolls out CYOA: The Golden Path™. The Golden Path is a limited six-book series with continuing characters. It has a fantastical earth-variant setting, not quite the future and not quite the past. The launch of The Golden Path will be accompanied by the introduction of a collectible card game.

"Watch for cards to be included in some of the classics early this summer to help announce the new series," adds Amy Jurisich, Chooseco Director of Marketing.

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About Choose Your Own Adventure
Choose Your Own Adventure® is the most successful interactive series ever published. The series has sold over 250 million copies worldwide since its inception. Each book contains a compelling scenario starring "you" the reader. Choose Your Own Adventure books help kids develop a lifelong love of reading. The books are fun and exciting while introducing subjects like history, science, politics, and culture. CYOA books are also great for reluctant readers.

Founded by Choose Your Own Adventure authors R.A. Montgomery and Shannon Gilligan, Chooseco LLC is a publishing company dedicated to re-launching the CYOA series and brand. Chooseco is based in Waitsfield, Vermont.

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