Hypno-Freedom's Audio Session "Pyramid Meditation" Releases Stress and Helps You to Step into Power

HypnoFreedom creates highly effective, guided meditation downloadable sessions from www.hypno-freedom.com. This discusses the benefits of the audio session entitled "Pyramid Meditation."

Hillsboro, OR, January 08, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Hypno-Freedom has released another audio session entitled, "Pyramid Meditation", a guided meditation session which can take you on a journey through your inner subconsciousness and relieve harmful bult up stresses. Go to http://www.hypno-freedom.com to download.

Throughout the ages, the symbol of the pyramid has been enormously powerful. Whether we know it consciously or not, a pyramid stands for strength, a solid foundation, and it points upward toward knowledge and ultimately, wisdom. It represents the potential of humanity. Each one of us is like a pyramid. We each have the great potential for strength, groundedness, stability, and pointed focus leading to wisdom.

This session is a guided meditation that leads you through the great energy of the pyramid, ultimately connecting you with your own power and strength, thereby reducing any stress in your body. Pyramid energy is one of the secrets of the great mystery schools. Ancient cultures knew and utilized this tremendous healing tool—Egyptian, Mayan, Tibetan, to name a prominent few. Today the evidence remains all over the world in the form of ancient pyramids, built by cultures advanced beyond even modern science. They invite you to sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy this relaxing and fascinating journey through the great pyramid within you.

"Pyramid Meditation" is recorded by Kim Markison, and contains soothing music which speaks to your soul. Kim is a master hypnotherapist. Her lifelong path is to teach and show everyone how powerful and extraordinary they really are. To align with that path and purpose, she is creating unique, empowering hypnosis meditations for Hypno-Freedom. Each one is designed for complete relaxation and stress relief, so no matter which one you listen to, you will always arrive at the center of your being to safely enjoy who you truly are. This session and more can be purchased at http://www.hypno-freedom.com.

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