AppAssure Software and Realtime Publishers Release the Last Chapter of the Definitive Guide to Windows Backup 2.0

Realtime Publishers’ writer Don Jones announces the release of the last chapter of the progressive eBook ‘The Definitive Guide to Windows Application and Server Backup 2.0’ sponsored by AppAssure.

Reston, VA, August 19, 2010 --( AppAssure Software, a leading provider of enterprise-class Windows server backup and disaster recovery software, today announced the release of the last chapter of their sponsored eBook written with Realtime Publishers – The Definitive Guide to Server and Application Backup 2.0, introducing the latest advances in backup.

The Definitive Guide to Server and Application Backup 2.0, written by IT author and Microsoft MVP Don Jones and sponsored by AppAssure, proposes a new ‘Backup 2.0’ way of thinking to help IT professionals do their job. Jones discusses new techniques using leading-edge technologies available today that do a better job of meeting business needs.

“We’ve been doing backups basically the same way for more than three decades. Even the medium of choice—magnetic tape—hasn’t really changed much. That ‘Backup 1.0’ mentality doesn’t actually buy us much, though. We still have lengthy backup windows, lengthy restore times, difficult bare-metal recovery, and other downsides,” explains author Don Jones. “It’s time to rethink all that: I call it Backup 2.0. In The Definitive Guide to Windows Application and Server Backup 2.0, we look at what works and what doesn’t, what we’d love to have in an environment, and what technologies exist today to make it a reality.”

In the last chapter of the Guide the author shares some stories of Backup 2.0, both from his own experience and from stories the readers have shared over the year‐long production of the eBook.

As a whole, the released Guide is comprised of the following chapters:

- Chapter 1: Introduction: Why the Backup 1.0 Mentality Is Killing You
- Chapter 2: Horror Stories: We Thought We Had a Backup!
- Chapter 3: Rethinking Whole-Server Backups
- Chapter 4: Rethinking Exchange Server Backups
- Chapter 5: Rethinking SQL Server Backups
- Chapter 6: Rethinking SharePoint Server Backups
- Chapter 7: Rethinking Virtualization Server Backups
- Chapter 8: Getting More from Backups: Other Concerns and Capabilities
- Chapter 9: Keeping Your Backups: Storage Architecture
- Chapter 10: What’s Your Disaster Recovery Plan?
- Chapter 11: Upgrading Your Backup Mentality: Is It Really Worth It?
- Chapter 12: Tales from the Trenches: My Life with Backup 2.0

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AppAssure Software is an industry-leading manufacturer of application backup and recovery software. Considered a pioneer of the “Backup 2.0” movement, AppAssure products are designed to go beyond protecting data alone, protecting entire application infrastructures and ensuring rapid recovery in the event of system failures. Committed to ensuring reliable and affordable application backup and recovery that is available to every organization, AppAssure Software leverages cutting-edge technologies to reduce storage footprints, shrink recovery times, and make certain that applications can be recovered to any point in time, from the datacenter or from the cloud. For more information about AppAssure Software, visit

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