Solve Debuts Affordable Streaming Video Packages to the "New TV" and Mobile Market

Solve, LLC Creates a Single-source Solution for Content Distribution to the "Best Available Screen."

Grinnell, IA, August 19, 2010 --( Over-the-top video specialist Solve, LLC ( has announced that they have officially released their first mass market service offering.

Solveʼs service allows media content owners, producers and managers to distribute content to nearly every available ‘over the top’ broadband broadcast platform through a single vendor relationship. This approach is more cost effective for content owners. Solve handles the time-consuming task of maintaining relationships with hardware vendors, and eliminates the need to evaluate the future market position of each device.

Solve has announced a base service package that includes distribution on multiple platforms: the popular Roku Digital Video Player, set-top boxes from Syabas (Popbox and Popcorn Hour), New York City start-up Boxee, as well as branded applications for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In all, this represents a potential customer base approaching 100 million homes. This translates to real reach for content providers.

The package includes all video preparation, trans-coding, storage, distribution, billing and first level support via different pricing models to address different market sizes and library mixes. Users, their subscriptions, and platforms are managed in the cloud using Solve’s proprietary software.

Solve’s groundbreaking solution allows an organization to distribute across all devices in this emerging industry, eliminating the risks associated with early adoption.

Solveʼs turn-key ‘base package,’ is available for less than $900 a month, which includes custom branded applications, trans-coding, storage, distribution, billing, and support. Regardless of audience size, Solve has developed a pricing model that makes solid economic sense for all market sizes.

This new service offering is the result of two years of development beginning in early 2009. Solve has launched several straight to consumer products proving that there is significant consumer market for niche video with this emerging distribution method.

With access to numerous popular platforms and a full array of supporting services, Solve has created a turn-key solution that maximizes the exposure of video content while reducing time to market and freeing internal resources.

Solve, LLC
John Jolliffe