Off the Record: The Fold Officially Joins

Popular band, The Fold, leverages online indie music hub, likeZEBRA and thrives without label.

Los Angeles, CA, August 24, 2010 --( Chicago-based rock band, The Fold, has officially joined the popular indie music hub, Designed exclusively for unsigned artists, likeZEBRA provides musicians with valuable tools to promote music, grow and connect with their fan base, and monetize on their talent. The collaboration marks yet another stride in the indie music movement, proving artists can thrive without a label.

Although The Fold had released their first two albums through a large label, the band decided going independent would allow for the creative freedom they needed to make better music. The successful launch of The Fold’s new self-released album, “Dear Future, Come Get Me,” proved the band could pursue creative independence and succeed. Plus, as an independent release, record sales revenue suddenly came directly to the talent rather than the record company. Joining likeZEBRA, the online music hub responsible for reigniting the indie music movement, was a natural next step for The Fold.

“This is exactly what being a band in this ‘technical age’ is about: showcasing our music, blogs, news and shows on our social networks,” says Daniel Castady, lead singer and guitarist of The Fold. “Twenty years ago, you had to tour to get your name out there, but now the minds behind likeZEBRA have built a system that is tailored to a band’s needs. All the tools are there. We’d almost be foolish not to take advantage of it.”

Like The Fold, many independent artists strive to sell and promote their music without having to pay fees to their label or compromise their vision. likeZEBRA provides unsigned artists with helpful features that make it easy to launch a successful music career or uphold an already lucrative one. Artists are accommodated with tools for CD duplication and sales, as well as a great platform to book shows and communicate with new and existing fans.

With a mission to reignite the indie music movement, likeZEBRA has garnered a cult following among fans who crave undiscovered music. Currently hosting the world’s largest independent music database, likeZEBRA provides unsigned musicians and artists with the competitive edge they need to showcase and promote their music to an extensive audience.

“Many artists still think that getting signed to a major label is the only way to ‘make it’,” says Jon Taggart, director of A & R for likeZEBRA, “but now, more and more bands are proving that going indie is the best way to flourish in their musical goals, while still maintaining complete creative control. likeZEBRA is the one stop site where artists can connect, promote, sell, distribute, and book shows. Unsigned artists are provided with virtually every accommodation they need for success, plus it is completely free!”

With musical icons declaring self or independently released music the best choice for current musicians, being an unsigned band suddenly seems to be a major advantage. Designed for both established artists and up-and-comers, likeZEBRA’s detailed understanding of the technological music revolution and utmost passion for great tunes is reshaping the music industry.

“There are plenty of bands who have benefited greatly from being on a label, but it's becoming more and more possible to do it on your own thanks to sites like likeZEBRA,” says Castady. “Everything you need is right at your fingertips, literally!”

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