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Harbinger Knowledge Products Launches SiteJazzer – A Groundbreaking New Software Service That Brings Web Pages Alive with Exciting Interactive Elements

Redmond, WA, August 20, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Harbinger Knowledge Products, a global leader in interactive website, eLearning and presentation software, announced today that it has launched its first online software service called SiteJazzer, which enables anyone to easily and inexpensively create exciting flash elements to jazz up their websites and blogs.

SiteJazzer makes it simple for individuals, web designers and businesses of all sizes to create and show off their web content in style without having any technical expertise. The service gives website owners and bloggers the tools to easily display print, audio and video content in fun ways such as animated playing cards, 3D cubes, flip books and much more.

“Millions of websites and blogs are getting added on the Internet every year, and capturing and keeping visitor attention is becoming increasingly difficult for companies, bloggers and webmasters,” said Vikas Joshi, chairman and managing director of the Harbinger Group. “SiteJazzer provides them with a way to jazz up their website in minutes and get their visitors to stay longer, engage better and return sooner.”

In recent years, corporate presentations have become more interactive and exciting, eLearning software has been jazzed up to make education more fun and interesting for students, but the one area that hasn’t been transformed yet is the typical website and blog.

“Far too many websites just aren’t visually compelling for visitors, which can keep a potential customer from buying your product or service or keep advertisers from spending money on your site,” Joshi said. “SiteJazzer helps fight boring sites by attracting visitors and keep them coming back. That, in turn, can help your business’ bottom line.”

Seema Chaudhary, president of Harbinger Knowledge Products, said the problem has been that the typical blogger and small to mid-size business doesn’t have the technical expertise and staff to create exciting and compelling flash elements, and they don’t have the budget to spend thousands of dollars to hire an outside designer to do it for them.

“We thought it was time that someone offered an inexpensive, do-it-yourself tool for webmasters, site owners, site designers and bloggers who want to control their website content – especially the content that changes often,” she said. “With SiteJazzer, you just pick an interesting element for your website, we build the flash, and you simply drop it into your website in a matter of minutes.”

Among the elements that bloggers and website owners can pick from are:
- 3D cube. Customize each side of a cube using images, videos, audios, sounds and text. Create a rotating cube displaying product offers, demos, video games, movies, toys, gadgets and gizmos. Or simply share your vacation photos with friends and families.
- 3D Flip book. Let your users flip pages on your site. Use 3D flip book for creating product portfolios, user biographies, menu cards, fashion apparel catalogues and so forth.
- Panning cards. Engage visitors with a set of pictures as a card deck. Show places to visit in summer travel specials. Showcase workouts in the weight loss program. Run Valentine’s Day specials with your latest pictures.
- Page peel banner. Use page peel banners to display teaser messages, arouse curiosity and increase click-through rate. Users love the swoosh sound and replay, both built-in features.
- Picture show. Create a professional slideshow that displays images that advance automatically or on-click. Create a visual impact by combining text, images and audio.
- Video with caption. Videos work great when you want to show events, places, demos, interviews or to-camera footage. Jazz up your videos with captions. Easily add voice narration to silent clips.
- Horizontal banner. Quickly create leader boards to display special promotions, welcome messages, important announcements and holiday offers.
- Vertical banner. Display promotions, specials, important announcements and highlight interesting information in a way that looks like credits rolling up at the end of a Hollywood movie.
- Quote flicker. Enhance your online reputation with customer endorsements, press clippings, employee quotes and more.
- Survey. Get a quick pulse of site visitors, collect market research data to get insights, get feedback and opinions.
- Countdown timer. Create urgency to act by highlighting offers, weekend specials, contests and other such time-bound features. Use a combination of text, images and videos rather than just a countdown number.

The jazzed-up content from SiteJazzer can be hosted on the SiteJazzer website or downloaded by the user as Flash files for use on web pages and elsewhere. The cost of the service begins at just $9.99 a month.

SiteJazzer comes from Harbinger Knowledge Products, a recognized global leader in interactivity solutions for knowledge-sharing applications including learning, presentation and web development.

For more information about SiteJazzer, please visit http://www.sitejazzer.com or call 425.861.8400.

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Harbinger Knowledge Products is recognized as a global leader in interactivity solutions for knowledge-sharing applications, including learning, presentation and web development. Harbinger Knowledge Products is a part of Harbinger Group, which serves customers in over 45 countries through its offices in Pune (India), Redmond (WA, USA), San Jose (CA, USA), Pleasanton (CA, USA), London (UK) and through its partner network worldwide. Harbinger's patent-pending technology and sound thought leadership have resulted in groundbreaking products, including market-leading Raptivity, innovative YawnBuster and cutting-edge TeemingPod. For more information, please visit www.harbingerknowledge.com or call 425.861.8400.

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