Independent Rapper Peppaboy’s Life Unveiled

An independent rapper, Peppaboy Trill McCoy, is the headlining artist of Colacoast Entertanment LLC. His music reflects his adventurous life in Florida and his expeditions throughout the country during his performances and recording sessions.

Pensacola, FL, August 21, 2010 --( Peppaboy Trill McCoy is an Independent rapper and a zesty lyricist. He is rather known as an artist due to his expert blend of influences from blues, classical music, jazz and pop. Peppaboy’s style includes playing a rock guitar combined with church organ and the beats of 808 drums. This rapper is a true crowd-puller and knows how to put his audience in musical frenzy.

For this independent rapper, getting the stage on fire is child’s play. His signature move “the Pimp Wiggle”, which was dubbed by Snoop Dogg was a trendsetter. His recent single “Waves on Da Top”, plus hits like “All on You,” “Jukin”, “Wang” and “Bonafide” deliver his charisma and talent brilliantly. Since 2009, when Peppaboy gave his first show as the new rap artist, which was an opening for Gucci Mane in Pensacola (his hometown), his music career took a joyride. His other unforgettable moments include his selection for performing at the BET Hip Hop Awards New Artist Showcase and a gig in Atlanta at Bankhead’s Club Crucial. On March 10, 2010, he performed again at his hometown, this time, with Juvenile sharing his stage space.

People know that Peppaboy is a veteran lyricist and an independent label artist, but few know that he studied at the Baton Rouge Community College and obtained a degree in Petroleum Technology. He also studied sports management at the University of Florida, with a focus in golf. However, he did not graduate from the university, but his time spent here played a key role in making him the artist that he is today. During his university days, he was often called upon by the fraternity to freestyle for Big Brothers. His sheer talent let him entertain them for hours together with spicy, street-inspired songs. This gave him an edge over other independent rappers. Thanks to his sporty and peppy style, combined with his unique slang, he came to be called “Peppaboy.”

It was during his university days that he developed his showmanship and independent rap presence. He used to perform in step show competitions as well as exhibitions. He choreographed all step shows and soon become a crowd-puller for his kane-twisting ability.

Most times, Peppaboy composed his own music. His pure, flamboyant, and vivacious music instilled a “feel good” element in the atmosphere. The specialty of his music is that it signifies life experiences including that of high-end private schools and tuff urban lifestyle. Depth and angle are the two elements found in the music composed by this independent rapper.

Currently, you can find Peppaboy on the Gulf of Mexico or on a tour of the country, performing live, recording sessions, and doing photo shoots. Today, this vivacious independent rapper enjoys a “Frothed Out” life, as he would have quoted.

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