New Audio Webinar - Home Inspection Marketing Success with Jeremy Martin

Ken Compton, founder of Home Inspection Marketing Center, recently interviewed Jeremy Martin, a successful home inspector. That interview is now available on a free audio webinar.

Atlanta, GA, August 21, 2010 --( Home inspection marketing, according to Ken Compton, the successful businessman and founder of, is not rocket science. He recently interviewed Jeremy Martin, a home inspector who followed Ken's ideas and developed his own home inspection company.

Ken explains, "The kicker here is that Jeremy started his business right in the middle of the worst real estate market in recent history! With a wife and three little girls counting on him, Jeremy was able to become successful quickly by applying the home inspection marketing strategies he learned at the Home Inspection Marketing Center. You’ve got to check out Jeremy’s awesome story in this never before released to the public audio interview."

He elaborates, "Jeremy, like all of the successful clients of the Home Inspection Marketing Center is an implementer. This has allowed Jeremy to build a thriving home inspection business even though many experienced inspectors are or have gone out of business at the same time."

Home inspection marketing is a new concept to many home inspectors. Naturally, skepticism is a common reaction to the idea. Most inspectors believe, according to Compton, that they just do not have the time to market, "that it is a pain in the neck, and nonproductive. However, through listening to this audio and hearing the testimony of one home inspector who has become a success, others will see the value in marketing and how simple it can be. They can identify with Mr. Martin and learn from his experiences."

In order to download and listen to this audio and the others Ken Compton has compiled to help home inspectors grow their business, one has to become a member of Home Inspection Marketing Center. Membership is free. Simply log onto

About Ken Compton
Ken Compton is not only the founder of Home Inspection Marketing Center but he is also the president of Southern Home Inspection Services, in Atlanta, GA.

Southern Home Inspection Services is a multi-inspector firm serving Metro-Atlanta and North Georgia. Southern Home Inspection Services has served more than 29,799 home buyers and home sellers since 1997.

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