Popular TV Legal Analyst, Television Personality Dr. Leigh-Davis, Interviewed Dr. Frank Ryan Shortly Before His Death

Television Personality Dr. Leigh-Davis, was still editing her recent interview of prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan, when she was shocked to find out that he was killed in a fatal car accident.

Los Angeles, CA, August 24, 2010 --(PR.com)-- When television personality, Dr. Leigh-Davis, was given a very small budget for her new television talk show, she had to call-in favors from friends, in order to make an entertaining television show. One of the favors she received was from Dr. Frank Ryan, who set aside his busy schedule to be interviewed at his Bony Pony Ranch in Malibu, California. The interview points out Dr. Frank Ryan’s prominence as a plastic surgeon. However, the interview is focused on Dr. Frank Ryan’s philanthropic endeavors and charitable organizations. This is believed to be the last interview Dr. Frank Ryan ever gave.

Tragically, on Monday, August 16th, 2010, around 4:30 p.m., Dr. Frank Ryan was in a fatal car accident. The sheriffs are still investigating what caused Dr. Frank Ryan's Jeep Wrangler to veer off Pacific Coast Highway and over a cliff in Malibu. When told of Dr. Frank Ryan‘s passing, Dr. Leigh-Davis exclaimed, “I was shocked to find out about Dr. Frank Ryan’s passing! I am so glad to have an interview that showcases Dr. Frank Ryan’s immense involvement in the community and his charitable organizations.” Then, Dr. Leigh-Davis concluded, “Of course Dr. Frank Ryan will be remembered as a great plastic surgeon. Notwithstanding, he should also be remembered as a great philanthropist.”

Dr. Frank Ryan was a prominent plastic surgeon to the stars, located in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Frank Ryan has performed plastic surgery on a who’s who of Hollywood, and most recently, he was in the news as the doctor behind “The Hills” star, Heidi Montag’s complete transformation. Dr. Frank Ryan is also the owner of the nonprofit Bony Pony Ranch in Malibu, and founder of The Dr. Frank Ryan Foundation.

Dr. Leigh-Davis has always denied reports that she used to date Dr. Frank Ryan. “He is a great gentleman. However, these reports simply are not true. I met Dr. Frank Ryan almost 17 years ago, when he was dating my former college roommate. My boyfriend at the time and I, went out on double dates with them. There was never anything between Dr. Frank Ryan and myself,” responded Dr. Leigh-Davis.

Although Dr. Leigh-Davis’ new television show is still in postproduction and not set to air for over a month, after numerous requests; Dr. Leigh-Davis will expeditiously post on YouTube, rough cuts of her interview of Dr. Frank Ryan. Updated information about YouTube postings and the airing of Dr. Leigh-Davis’ new television show, can be found on Dr. Leigh-Davis’ official website.

Dr. Leigh-Davis is a law professor, retired attorney, and popular legal analyst and legal correspondent, who regularly appears on NBC news, CNN and Fox news. Additionally, Dr. Leigh-Davis is also a journalist with syndicated columns in several newspapers; host of the weekly radio show “The Real Deal;” and the former host of the Court TV television show, “The Court is in Session.” More information about Dr. Leigh-Davis’ television, writing and radio projects, can be found on Dr. Leigh-Davis’ official website.

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