Communication Adaption Technology Services CC Recently Teamed Up with Tenacity Operating L.L.C to Bring accessaphone™ to the Shores of Africa

Lafayette, LA, August 21, 2010 --( accessaphone™ is an enterprise application that runs on an individual’s desktop computer that provides control of a users enterprise phone via mouse, keyboard and/or voice command. The application offers:
1. Audible information regarding the status of your enterprise phone (i.e. Audible Caller ID, Message Waiting, Who’s On Hold, etc…)
2. Intuitive Keystrokes so that the phone can be easily managed (ex. D for Dial, H for Hold, T for transfer, etc…)
3. Interoperability with Voice Recognition software so that transferring a caller to another extension can be as easy as saying the word “Transfer”.
4. A means to meet telephony accessibility compliance across the enterprise.

Most people assume phones are already accessible because most people can pick up a receiver to answer a call, push the appropriate buttons to dial the call or place the receiver back on the base station to hang up a call. But in reality, some of us have trouble pressing those keys on the dial pad because of some special physical need, or have vision loss and want to know something as simple as who the person is calling you, what missed calls you have or if you have any voice mails, or simply just have trouble figuring out how to transfer a call.

Since the phone is an important tool in any office environment, there needs to be more of a push to make this device more accessible to all. There is a solution available now that opens access to the above scenarios and it is called accessaphone.

About Communication Adaption Technology Services

Catservices is a major player in providing and implementing Different Solutions in the Information Communication Technology Space. Although only registered in RSA, in 2008, Catservices has been involved with PC adaptions since 1995 when the very first (DecTalk) Speech Synthesizer was introduced into the Telephony Industry in RSA. Since then we have been actively involved in Developing and Customizing Jaws to meet all the different Telephone Vendors Products over the years.

Our mission is to Continually Strive to find and implement the best solutions possible by introducing, New Adaptive Technology Solutions to the Rapid Changing World within the IPT Space.

Technology that will support people of all disabilities to harness the power of accessible and usable technology to increase productivity at work.

For More Information / Pricing Regarding these Products Please Feel Free to send us your Request via Email, Fax or simply Just Phone.

Contact Email:
Fax No: 086 692 8182
Phone Francois 072 194 6634
Verneen 083 228 8701

accessaphone is available for purchase -
1. through an authorized reseller like CATServices.
2. accessaphone is also on the Cisco Parts list.
3. accessaphone can be purchased directly from Tenacity.

About Tenacity
Tenacity is the leader in the accessible telephony industry. Founded in Lafayette, LA in 2004, Tenacity’s mission is to pioneer communications technology that will support people of all disabilities to harness the power of accessible and usable technology to increase productivity at work, school and in the community. Thanks to persistent determination and commitment to the highest possible quality, Tenacity is the world leader in the accessible VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony industry. By pioneering the development of CTAP (Computerized Telephony Accessibility Provider) technology, Tenacity has opened the gates for people with nearly any disability or functional limitation to experience the power and functionality of top-quality VoIP telephony. At Tenacity, we take the world's best phones and make them accessible. Integration with today's phone systems in the market is proving to be a catalyst in changing the parochial mindset from accommodating a few employees to incorporating accessibility into the workplace communication infrastructure for all employees, regardless of ability or disability.

Susan Chappell