Integration of Automatic Truck Loading with Compact Pallet Storage-/Sorting System Increases Efficiency Significantly

Truck loading and unloading specialist Ancra Systems have introduced together with VTSK Systems a fully automatic compact solution to store, sort, buffer and Load / Unload pallets. This is done by the integration of an Ancra truck loading system combined with the OptilogX system produced by VTSK. In this way a very compact and flexible system with high throughput was created.

Boxtel, Netherlands, August 25, 2010 --( Due to combining both systems around 160 pallets can be sorted, buffered and loaded per hour, which amounts to approximately 5 trailers. The system can be easily modified with extensions.

The combined systems can dispatch different pallet types or other load carriers in varying load patterns.

The OptilogX itself is a very compact pallet storage- and sortation system. While the Ancra system can be integrated in the OptilogX, the combination does not require additional placings.

The combination is particularly appropriate for warehouse operations with middle to high volumes (1000 – 4000 pallets per day) combined with shuttle transport. Additionally it creates big advantages for cross-docking purposes, whereas the system can be used for intake and dispatch.

Jasper van den Driest, managing director Ancra Systems, about the cooperation: "The combination of both systems constitutes a very interesting solution for clients." Dennis van der Dussen, sales director VTSK Systems, adds: "Both the OptilogX system as the loading and unloading systems are proven techniques. Furthermore, coupling the systems turned out to be technically easy and therefore cost efficient."

In addition to the developments above, Ancra Systems are currently working on a new fully automated loading system that does not require any modifications to the trailer. Ancra expects to introduce this loading system mid 2011 and plans to integrate it with the OptilogX system too. This will create an even more increase in scope.

The launch of this technical and commercial cooperation starts at the Prologistics 2010 exhibition on September 29th and 30th in Brussels where Ancra and VTSK will share a stand.

Ancra Systems BV
Jasper van den Driest