Daily Guided Meditations Can Reduce Stress and Help Shed Those Unwanted Pounds

HypnoFreedom creates highly effective, guided meditation downloadable sessions from www.hypno-freedom.com. This discusses the benefits of the audio session entitled "Pyramid Meditation."

Hillsboro, OR, December 27, 2006 --(PR.com)-- So, you think you don't have time to fit meditation into your daily life? We argue that you can't afford NOT to fit it into your life on a daily basis because of the health benefirs to your peace of mind and the balance in your body.

Did you know that the simple breathing techniques and imagery that guided meditation offers can help you lose weight? Many studies have shown that that extra tire of fat that most Americans carry around the waistline is due to stress. Of course, exercise and diet will help reduce that extra layer of fat, but simply dedicating a short amount of time daily to breathing, especially through a guided meditation session, can have a huge impact in the battle of the bulge as well.

Hypno-freedom creates easy to download and listen to audio files which contain peaceful and relaxing meditation and hypnotherapy sessions. Go to http://www.hypno-freedom.com to download your first session for free so that you can see for yourself the relaxation that this type of meditation can bring to your life. Use these sessions on a daily basis and witness for yourself the change that you will see in your life. All sessions are created by highly trained and experienced hypnotherapists at HypnoFreedom.

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