Bench Craft Company- Putting Oregonians Back to Work

Portland, OR, August 25, 2010 --( With more than 209,000 Oregonians out of work in July 2010, Bench Craft Company is doing what it can to improve the state economy. Bench Craft Company Owner and President Charley Cobb said, “I could send jobs overseas but I believe businesses have a duty to hire locally. If I can provide a job to an Oregonian and help that person put food on the table, I will.” Cobb’s Oregon roots run deep. He played football at the University of Oregon in the early 1970’s alongside big name athletes such as Dan Fouts.

Cobb started working for Bench Craft Company in 1983 when it only employed a handful of people. Bench Craft Company now employs 150 people.

Cobb’s strategy was recently featured in the Portland Business Journal:

The unemployment rate in Oregon remained at 10.5% for the month of July. That same month, Bench Craft Company added employees and continued to grow.

Bench Craft company opened its doors in 1982. The corporate headquarters are now located in a 43,000 square foot facility in Portland, Oregon. Bench Craft Company also operate eight offices across the country.

Bench Craft Company
Peter Wallace