Intersoft Solutions Delivers WebUI Studio 2010

Introducing 188+ New Tools and a new website for ClientUI®

Los Angeles, CA, August 26, 2010 --( Intersoft Solutions today released WebUI Studio® 2010, the latest version of world’s most advanced presentation layer toolset for ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF application development. Featuring 180 new tools supporting unified-code development for Silverlight 3, Silverlight 4 and WPF, a new collection of rich ASP.NET widgets, and hundreds of business-inspiring samples, WebUI Studio® continues to lead the software component industry with the most comprehensive and most innovative user interface library available today.

“With over-delivery of nearly two hundreds new tools, the WebUI Studio 2010 release translates to three regular releases, making it the most ultimate masterpiece we’ve ever made,” said Jimmy Petrus, Intersoft’s CEO. “Our next-generation Silverlight and WPF suite, ClientUI, delivers all the tools paramount to rapid application development – from MVVM and commanding framework, journal-aware navigation, fluid drag-drop, toolbars and menu, grids, to innovative desktop-style windowing interface and much more – enabling developers to create amazing commercial-class user experiences in dramatically less time and effort.”

“Besides the already comprehensive tools we shipped in ClientUI, we also add sleek iPhone-style sliding navigation, rich-featured calendar, and intuitive accordion and five other new WebEssential® controls for the most demanding ASP.NET web development,” said Jemmy Haryono, Intersoft’s Vice President of Marketing. “This makes WebUI Studio the finest .NET development toolset available, and at the same time makes the most of your investment and every of your hard-earned dollar.”

ClientUI® Greatly Simplifies Silverlight and WPF Development with MVVM-ready Controls
ClientUI® is Intersoft's next-generation user interface library for Microsoft client platform, Silverlight and WPF. Featuring a generic reusable set of APIs and powerful framework, ClientUI is the world's first unified toolset for three popular client development platforms: Silverlight 3, Silverlight 4 and WPF 4.

WebEssentials® Adds Compelling User Experiences to ASP.NET Applications
WebEssentials® is Intersoft’s new control lineups to supercharge ASP.NET web development with 8 great-looking controls, thanks to the sleek iPhone-style sliding menu, engaging rating system, multi-purpose list box and rich-featured calendar, web developers can quickly add great user experiences without extensive code writing.

Full Support for Visual Studio® 2010
Every WebUI Studio 2010 tools – both new and existing – comes with full support for Microsoft’s latest technology and development environment, the .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio® 2010. The support includes design-time platform such as component designer and wizard, and application platform such as runtime behaviors and configuration model in ASP.NET 4.

Brand-new ClientUI® Showcase Delivers 140+ Business-Inspiring Samples
Together with the gold release of ClientUI, as part of WebUI Studio 2010 Premier®, Intersoft today launched a new website ( to provide learning resources, showcase and product information related to ClientUI.

With nearly 140 samples, the ClientUI showcase implements many UI scenarios commonly used in business applications such as sign up and login forms, editing dialog box with expandable groups, and rich editing application with tool bar, menu bar and context menu. More advanced UI with commercial-class user experiences are also included, such as sleek Todo application with interactive callout and drag-drop, iPad-style bookshelf with flip animation, and much more.

“ClientUI is the rebirth of our Silverlight development tools which is now made available to the WPF platform with unified and consistent XAML code,” said Andry Handoko Soesilo, the Silverlight Evangelist and CTO of Intersoft. “With powerful framework covering fundamental development methodology aspects such as MVVM, navigation, commands, routed events, and combined with meticulous details on user experience aspects, I am confident that ClientUI is the most advanced and fundamental tools for rapid Silverlight and WPF application development today.”

Pricing and Availability
Intersoft WebUI Studio® 2010 can be purchased at Three editions are available:

-Premier edition is the ultimate WebUI Studio for all your Web development needs. It includes the full set of all ASP.NET, Silverlight, and WPF platform components. It also includes Priority Support, live chat technical support, and more. Prices start at $1,599.

-ASP.NET edition offers a comprehensive toolkit for ASP.NET Web development, including the 8 new Web 2.0 widgets, enterprise-class data grid, powerful scheduler, rich text editor, type-ahead combobox, and 20 additional cutting-edge components. Prices start at $1,299.

-Silverlight and WPF edition includes the innovative docking component, stunning 3-D CoverFlow, robust framework navigation, and 177 more. Prices start at $799.

Each edition can be licensed on either a Suite or Subscription basis

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