Photoshop Action by Dayna Titus Chosen for Web Distribution on ATN Central

Dayna Titus, a San Francisco Bay Area based photographer, has created a free photoshop action - a small program that runs off Photoshop - which has been picked up by globally known ATN Central for web distribution.

Pleasanton, CA, August 26, 2010 --( Dayna Titus, a San Francisco Bay Area Photographer specializing in child and family photography, has created a free Photoshop program that has been chosen by ATN Central for download on their main web page. The photoshop action created by Dayna Titus is titled "Fake the DOF" and is a simple program that is highly useful for photographers seeking to selectively blur areas of their image. Dayna Titus created this program with the sole intent on providing it free of charge to her peers. When asked about it, Ms. Titus said "I feel really good about what I have gained from the photography community as a whole, and wanted to find a way to give back. While many photographers charge for their actions (programs), I did not feel the desire to do so. I sought out ATN Central as the distributor for my action because they support the idea that these programs should be shared free of charge and provide an nice venue for downloading many free actions." Dayna Titus has said she would like to create more Photoshop actions in the future and will continue to not charge for them. "I feel it's important for photographers to share with each other, as we all have a lot to gain from our knowledge base," said Dayna Titus in a recent interview.

About Dayna Titus: Her business, Artistic Captures Photography is based in the East Bay area of San Francisco. Dayna Titus specializes in child and family photography. Ms. Titus is a natural light, on location photographer who is also working on a 365 project at this time. Dayna Titus is married and has 3 children.

Dayna Titus
Dayna Titus