Mixed Martial Arts Tournaments Free Work Shop with MMA Expert and Team Link Head Coach Marco Alvan in Ludlow, Massachusetts

Springfield, MA, August 27, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournaments have their roots in Vale Tudo and other similar tournaments held in Brazil and Japan decades ago. However, it gained international exposure and popularity only after the first Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1993.

Several techniques from various forms of martial arts are allowed to be applied in Mixed Martial Arts tournaments. Fighters may use striking techniques (kicks, knees, punches) as well as grappling techniques (throws, takedowns, submission holds, etc) within the limits of the rules. Sprawl-and-brawl, clinch fighting, ground-and-pound, submission grappling, and lay-and-pray are some of the strategies that fighters use in the tournament.

Though, initially known for minimal application of rules in the combat, MMA fighters have to adhere to specific set of rules while fighting the tournament. Rules regarding time limit of the fight, number of rounds, knock-out, submission, disqualification, etc. have evolved over a period of time to address fighters’ safety issues. State Athletic and Boxing Committee is a governing body in the U.S. that oversees tournament rules. However, there are a few such agencies in Japan and Europe that regulate MMA tournaments. As a general rule, eye-gouging, head-butting, biting, spitting, fish-hooking, attacking groin, and using abusive language during the tournament is illegal and unethical.

A fighter can win the MMA tournament either by knocking out the opponent or if the opponent admits defeat verbally or by tapping thrice on the mat/floor. Referee stoppage, doctor stoppage, disqualification, corner stoppage (fighter’s cornermen admitting defeat on behalf of the fighter), judges’ decision after the tournament bout has expired, and no contest (in the event of both fighters violating rules of the play) are some other ways to conclude the tournament.

Gi (wrestling singlet and tight fitting vest and shorts) is the official fight apparel for MMA tournaments. It is mandatory for the fighters to use MMA gloves and groin guards for safety. They may also use other protective gears like gum shield and knee pads in the tournament.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the title of highest rank in Mixed Martial Arts. Apart from this, there are several others organized in the U.S on regular basis. The rules of the tournament may vary with the sponsor organizations, but general rules apply everywhere.

August 26 at 6PM, Team Link head coach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and MMA fighter Marco Alvan will host a free work shop explaining about MMA in the USA and how to get ready to compete in this sport.

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