Employees Save Customer Suffering a Cardiac Arrest Using a Heart Defibrillator

Automotive dealership had placed safe and easy-to-use defibrillators throughout their facilities and had several staff members receive their CPR training certifications.

Nashville, TN, January 03, 2007 --(PR.com)-- A 57-year-old man walked into the dealership of Nashville-based Beaman Automotive Group and suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.  Someone present called 9-1-1 immediately; however, as traffic was slowed from business commuters returning home, EMS officials were unable to reach the victim until well over ten minutes.

When someone suffers a cardiac arrest, seconds count; and if a victim is not shocked back to life by a heart defibrillator within 3-to-5 minutes, the victim most likely will not survive.  Fortunately, about a year earlier, CEO Lee Beaman decided to invest in the safety of his employees and guests by placing automated external defibrillators (AED’s) throughout all his facilities.  Combined with the CPR training that many of the staff members received, Beaman Automotive Group was well-prepared for such a medical emergency.

While the victim lay dying and the crowd awaited EMS to arrive, someone began administering CPR while another retrieved the AED.  After removing the victim’s shirt and applying the adhesive electrode pads, the responders simply followed the AED’s voice-prompts and delivered the shock which would ultimately save this man’s life.  He was later transferred to the hospital where he would receive advanced medical treatment.  An EMS official who stayed behind to draft the medical report informed onlookers that, without a doubt, the proper response of the rescuers, as well as the availability of an AED, had saved this gentleman’s life.

Beaman received the AED's and CRP training from Lifeguard Medical Solutions (www.lifeguardmed.com), a nationally-recognized Certified Training Center for the American Heart Association and a leader in workplace safety programs.

Formed following the 1999 cardiac arrest death of its founder's father, Lifeguard Medical Solutions is a national leader in the field of cardiac care which implements heart-safety programs in the workplace (providing AED's and onsite CPR & First-Aid training services).

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