MyBirthClass Joins the American Pregnancy Association

MyBirthClass partners with the American Pregnancy Association in their commitment to promote reproductive and pregnancy wellness through earlier exposure to proper prenatal instruction.

Irving, TX, August 28, 2010 --( The American Pregnancy Association (APA) serves as the leading online resource for prenatal support. Receiving more than 27 million online visitors each month, APA supplies prenatal education supplementation and referrals for pregnancy related professionals.

Many women in their first pregnancy express difficulty finding enough information about labor to satisfy all of their questions. As a result labor becomes a hot search term for expectant mothers. American Pregnancy Association captures a high percentage of these searches and then refers professionals based on their standing with the APA.

MyBirthClass Founder, Becky Rasmussen shares her enthusiasm, “It’s a privilege to affiliate with a non-profit organization such as American Pregnancy Association. Our membership with APA offers many benefits exclusive to member clients.”

A few of the benefits that have accompanied the partnership include:

- Week by Week Newsletter
- Pregnancy Journal & Photo Album (with privacy sharing for friends & family)
- Discussion Forums
- Ovulation Calendar & Calculator & Pregnancy Calculator

MyBirthClass hopes their presence in the APA directory assists more expectant couples in finding convenient and affordable childbirth education earlier in pregnancy. Recently MyBirthClass consumer, Dani Bastian, wrote, “These CD's are great! I listen to them on my way to and from work (which is a half hour both ways.) This is exactly the type of information I've been looking for and hearing them over CD is wonderful! I watched the Yoga DVD yesterday and I'm excited to do that, too! I wish I'd known about them before I was this big. I'm glad to have access to this information, now!”

Rasmussen explains, “We consistently hear similar feedback. Women wish they had access to the proper instruction sooner.” Mainstream prenatal education is typically delayed until the third trimester. MyBirthClass created Perfectly Prepared: Prenatal Birthing & Fitness so that women could practice and prepare for birth right from the beginning of pregnancy. Together American Pregnancy Association and MyBirthClass aim to promote optimum reproductive health from conception to birth.

Becky Rasmussen