IETT Public Transit System of Istanbul Using 4ipnet OWL800 Outdoor Solution for Automated Wireless Data Upload

Turkey's largest public transportation company, IETT, has deployed high-capacity and weather-proof 4ipnet OWL800 Outdoor Access Points in one of its largest garages to support wireless data transmission from 381 buses to one central data system. The project aimed to reduce installation and wiring costs, maintain a light equipment footprint, and create a stable, reliable network system.

Taipei, Taiwan, August 29, 2010 --( 4ipnet, Inc., a leading networking device provider for manageable, reliable, and secure wireless access, today announced that IETT, the largest and oldest mass transportation company in Istanbul, Turkey, has deployed 4ipnet OWL800 Outdoor Access Points in one of its largest garages to provide automated data upload over the wireless network. The adaptive Wi-Fi network supports wireless data transmission from 381 buses to one central data system.

IETT has been in operation for over 130 years and is Turkey’s largest public transport operator. Despite its old age, the organization embraces new technologies to improve the quality of Istanbul public transportation, and planned to implement automated information tracking of daily bus route statistics across its 7 garages and 850 passenger coaches. As buses check into their garages at the end of their routes, a Wi-Fi enabled PC on each of the buses automatically communicates with installed access points and uploads daily log data such as routes, stops, and passenger count to a central data system.

For this project, IETT collaborated with Beyaz Bilgisayar, a leading solution provider in Turkey, and planned to deploy a total of five 4ipnet OWL800 QUADs in one of its largest garages, Hasanpasa garage, which houses up to 381 buses and covers an area of 37,000 square meters. The project required high-capacity access points that could handle a large number of clients (buses) at one time to reduce installation and wiring costs as well as maintain a light equipment footprint. Meanwhile, access points should be able to weather outdoor conditions and create a stable, reliable network system. The challenges include:

· To reduce cabling costs, a single AP must be able to handle a large volume of clients simultaneously
· Stable, self-backed up network system to significantly decrease downtime
· Equipment should be small and lightweight and easy to deploy
· Weatherproof equipment for outdoor 7 x 24 operation

“As we deployed OWL800 in this project, we experienced that, besides it's economic and user friendly, 4ipnet is also easy to install-manage and provided us reliable performance and durability,” said Mehmet Fatih Zeyveli, General Manager of Beyaz Bilgisayar. 4ipnet OWL800 QUADs were selected for their ability to handle a large volume of clients as a 4-in-1 high capacity AP, mesh networking capabilities, and heavy-duty housing. Key OWL800 features include:

4-in-one AP Reduces Cost and Size
The OWL800 internally supports up to 4 radios, each of which is capable of functioning as an individual access point. Each radio is capable of supporting up to 32 clients, enabling a single OWL800 QUAD unit to support up to 96 clients in a mesh network environment.

Mesh Networking Ensures Stable and Reliable Network
4ipnet’s mesh operation mode ensures that in the event a network path fails, the OWL800 will re-route traffic through available routes, providing auto-switching to redundant route and increasing network uptime.

IP68-grade Metal Housing
Encased in IP68-grade metal housing, the OWL800 is rust-resistant, watertight, and weatherproof and can withstand dust, rain, power surges, vibration, and extreme temperatures.

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