Award Winning Photographer, David Slater, to Join Aqua-Firma’s Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands Wildlife Voyage (6th – 25th Feb, 2011)

Award Winning Wildlife Photographer David Slater is set to join Aqua-Firma again in February on their Wildlife and Photography Expedition Voyage to South Georgia, the Antarctica Peninsula and the Falkland Islands. David will be on hand to assist passengers with their photography and will endeavour to help them capture on camera the very best of Antarctica's fascinating wildlife and spectacular landscapes.

Truro, United Kingdom, August 29, 2010 --( Aqua-Firma is pleased to announce that the Award Winning Wildlife Photographer, David Slater, will be joining their Wildlife and Photography Expedition Voyage to South Georgia, the Antarctica Peninsula and the Falkland Islands next February. The voyage is undoubtedly one of the ultimate wilderness and wildlife journeys on our planet.

David will be eager to assist guests onboard with their own photography and will advise how to get the very best from your camera, however basic or specialised a model it may be. He will always be on hand to offer photographic tips and advice, be that choosing the correct settings or sharing ideas on how to capture stunning scenic and wildlife images.

The Falkland Islands will be the first destination of this voyage – a location renowned for its spectacular seabird colonies and abundant marine life.

South Georgia will undoubtedly be the wildlife highlight of this voyage and will probably provide the best opportunities for wildlife photography. Known as the ‘Galapagos of the South’, it is home to some enormous penguin colonies. Species include King Penguins, Gentoos, Adelie, Chinstrap, Magalennic and the beautiful Macaroni Penguin so-called because their colourful feathers make them look like the maccherones - ‘foolishly fashionable’ men of 18th century Italy.

South Georgia is also home to extensive colonies of Southern Elephant Seals, whose males can reach 6 metres in length and weigh in excess of 4 tonnes. One of South Georgia’s most distinguished visitors is the Wandering Albatross, whose 3.5 metre wingspan is larger than any other bird. South Georgia is one of the most important nesting grounds for this albatross, whose numbers have been declining as they get caught on baited hooks set out by long line fishing boats.

The mountainous coastal scenery of South Georgia is the perfect inspiration for landscape photography. It is quite simply breathtaking and expresses the drama of Ernest Shackleton’s heroic crossing of the island on foot. Although South Georgia is 1,400 km from its nearest neighbour, Shackleton knew that its whaling communities provided his best chance of a rescue. The history of whaling in South Georgia, and of Shackelton himself, is very much part of the expert guidance that will be provided onboard this Antarctic voyage.

Antarctica will be the last location visited on this voyage: the largest untouched wilderness on our planet. The Peninsula is perhaps its most scenic part, characterised by its rocky mountains, islands, glaciers and icebergs, which can be marvelled at from the ship and in small inflatable craft. Inflatables are often used to land amongst colonies of penguins and to get close to seals such as crab eaters, Weddell seals, and the predatory leopard seal.

This voyage will provide an ideal opportunity for both keen photographers and wildlife enthusiasts to see and keep a visual record of a once in a lifetime expedition to the Southern Ocean.

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This Wildlife & Photography Voyage to South Georgia, Antarctica & the Falkland Islands runs from 6th - 24th February 2011. Prices start from £7290 per person, excluding international flights.

David Slater returns today from Arctic Spitsbergen where he provided workshops and photographic assistance to guests on Aqua-Firma’s Around Spitsbergen Sailing Voyage.

Major Photography Awards won by David Slater:

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2009 – Overall Runner Up
Best of Photojournalism 2009 awarded by the National Press Photographers Association – Winner
Best Nature Photo of 2008 awarded by MSNBC
Wildlife Photographer of the Year 1997 – runner up of category
International Wildbird Photographer – winner of category.
BBC British Nature Photography Awards 1999 – Overall Winner

Aqua-Firma is the only travel company to offset the carbon emissions of its clients' polar voyages, and flights booked through the company in joining its polar journeys. Aqua-Firma does this via a Rainforest4Climate programme set up in partnership with Rainforest Concern.

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