MG Hardie's “It Ain't Just The Size” Featured for Men

MG Hardie's new book “It Ain't Just The Size” will be featured on not because of its title and cover, but more so because of its content.

Brooklyn, NY, August 30, 2010 --( “It Ain't Just The Size” is a new book written to be interactive. This interactivity draws the reader into the conversations. It Ain't Just The Size tells the story of Lance and Princess as they find their way to love, what happens as these two find their way to love is the meat and potatoes of drama and literature. Hardie's characters rap, recite poetry, talk politics, live their lives and espouse philosophy. It Ain't Just The Size will be featured by beginning August 30th on the “Today” page and other affiliated sites. is an educational website which serves a diverse men's community (pro-feminist, recovery, re-evaluation counseling, men's rights and spiritual). Menstuff lists thousands of on-site men's books, men's resources and hyperlinks to hundreds of events, periodicals and groups. It also provides information on hundreds of men's issues regarding positive change in male roles and relationships (including abuse, aging, divorce, fathers, health, mid-life, multicultural, relationship, sexuality, violence, work, etc.) has been working since 1982 to end men's isolation.

It Ain't Just The Size is filled with pop-culture, humor, psychology, politics and drama, yet Hardie manages to include revealing discussion on having healthy relationships and avoiding abusive ones. This book also sheds a much needed light on the issue of Domestic Abuse that is suffered by not only women, but men as well. Here is what has recently been said about Hardie's "It Ain't Just The Size:

"Hardie’s unflinching courage to open up and sustain dialogues on multicultural issues, as well as his persistent engagement with everything that is wrong with American society, certainly makes a lasting contribution to the struggle." - Push Nevahda Review

“Hardie successfully mixes Hip-Hop references, pop culture, conspiracy theories, common sense, comedy and hot button issues into an entertaining literary gumbo” -Joey Pinkney

“Powerful”-Terry A. O'Neal
"If you want real talk about how to deal with real issues. This is the manual you need to read.”- E. Utley Ph.D

It Ain't Just The Size is available online everywhere
ISBN 978-1593306472
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