MG Hardie's “It Ain't Just The Size” Featured for Men

MG Hardie's new book “It Ain't Just The Size” will be featured on not because of its title and cover, but more so because of its content. - August 30, 2010

When is a New Book of Poetry Not a Book of Poetry?

MG Hardie releases It Ain’t Just The Size a blend of poetry and drama. - March 27, 2010

MG Hardie at 2nd Annual Black Author's Festival

The 2nd Annual Black Authors' Festival will be held in Long Beach at the Mark Twain library. Over 20 authors are expected to attend. - March 17, 2010

MG Hardie Nominated for Two Afr’Am Literary Awards

The award committee received nominations from across the country for this esteemed recognition. Author MG Hardie has received two nominations. - May 20, 2009

New Interview with Author of EveryDay Life

MG Hardie is interviewed by Push Nevahda. - May 12, 2009

A Self-Published Book Was the Most Critically Acclaimed Book of 2008

What does being critically acclaimed actually mean? Does it mean that one book has more sales than another book? Does it mean that one book has bigger names behind it? Is a book critically acclaimed because publishers say it is? - January 02, 2009

AAMBC Calls EveryDay Life by MG Hardie a Fresh New Voice in Urban Literature

The humorous hip hop book EveryDay Life by MG Hardie is reviewed by African Americans on the Move. - December 16, 2008

EveryDay Life by MG Hardie is "On Point" According to Apex Reviews

Apex Reviews one of the literature leaders has reviewed the provocative EveryDay Life by MG Hardie. - December 15, 2008

California Author MG Hardie Tops Another List

Provocative book EveryDay Life by author MG Hardie has been named in Best Kept Literary Secret of 2008. - December 04, 2008

MG Hardie Featured Live on 1230am WBOK Radio

Provocative Author MG Hardie will be featured Live on 1230am WBOK Radio December 5, 2008 @ 8am (central). - December 02, 2008

MG Hardie Featured in on Life Remixed Radio

MG Hardie author of the provocative book EveryDay Life will be featured on Life Remixed Radio. - December 01, 2008

EveryDay Life Featured in Crunk Newsletter

Provocative Hip Hop book by author MG Hardie is featured in Crunk Newsletter. - December 01, 2008

HYPE Magazine Interviews Hip Hop Book Author

HYPE Magazine hosts a live interview radio talk show with EveryDay Life author MG Hardie on December 2, 2008 @ 3pm. - November 29, 2008

EveryDay Life Book of the Month

Hip Hop book EveryDay Life by MG Hardie was recently featured in the newspaper and is now African Americans on the Move Book Club's book of the month for November and throughout December. - November 19, 2008

New Hip Hop Book Expands Hip Hop

Author/Playwright MG Hardie, who wants to expand Hip Hop is now featured on Authors We Love. - November 15, 2008

MG Hardie’s EveryDay Life Reviewed by the Clarion Ledger

The Clarion-Ledger reviews the provocative book EveryDay Life by MG Hardie. - November 15, 2008

MG Hardie Talks About Hip Hop’s Newest Frontier in New Interview

Author/Playwright MG Hardie, who has been compared to Tyler Perry and continues to earn rave reviews and honors from the literary world, speaks bluntly in a new “Take Ten” interview with Cyrus A. Webb. - November 08, 2008

Thought-Provoking Author MG Hardie Featured on Conversations Live!

MG Hardie who has been compared to Tyler Perry will be on Conversations Live! November 5th at 6pm. (978-1-60594-036-6), $11.95 - November 05, 2008

Conversations Reviews Every Day Life by M. G. Hardie

MG Hardie’s controversial EveryDay Life has earned a 5 Star review from Conversations Book Club. (978-1-60594-036-6), $11.95 - November 04, 2008

Belmont Baptist Church Present God’s Big Backyard Extravaganza

Belmont Baptist Church presents God’s Big Backyard Extravaganza. A large array of food, singers, Author Signing, and much more fun for the kids will be at Belmont Baptist’s for a multi-media event at Belmont Baptist Church in Los Angeles California on September 27, from 10-5 pm. - September 16, 2008

M.G. Hardie Interviewed by Award Winning Talk Show Host George Cook

MG Hardie’s first book EveryDay Life gives readers plenty of music, euphemisms, high-minded ideas, fist bumps, and things to talk about and so does his new interview on LTH. (978-1-60594-036-6), Paperback, 137 pg, $11.95 George Cook is an Award winning Talk Show Host. - August 19, 2008

The Epicenter That is MG Hardie’s Debut Book "Everyday Life" Reveals America’s Last Bastion of Truth

With his first book MG Hardie gives readers plenty to think and talk about in a hilarious non-fiction work about everything. "EveryDay Life" (978-1-60594-036-6), Paperback, 137 pg, (5.5 x 8.5, $11.95). Available at all major bookstores. - July 30, 2008

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