Evo Exhibits Releases List of Sustainable Booth Components to Create Green Trade Show Displays

Sustainable trade show displays are having a rapid impact with exhibitors within the trade show market. Sustainable trade show booths are becoming more competitive with traditional exhibits with design, functionality and pricing.

Evo Exhibits Releases List of Sustainable Booth Components to Create Green Trade Show Displays
West Chicago, IL, August 31, 2010 --(PR.com)-- The following is a break down by Evo Exhibits of all the components that make up a traditional booth display and convert it to a green trade show booth.

Aluminum extrusions –> Recycled aluminum extrusions; new aluminum components depletes natural resources and requires up to 12 time the energy to produce. Recycled aluminium protects valuable resources, saves energy and eliminates waste.

Fabric graphics–> Paradise fabrics; traditional fabric graphics are nylon based and are treated with toxic chemicals, which do not decompose in landfills. Paradise fabric are made with 100% recycled soda bottles printed with water based inks.

Particle board cabinets and shelves–> Bamboo cabinets and shelves; traditional boards contains formaldehyde and emits methane gas in landfills polluting the air and groundwater. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable material that is harvested every 7 years.

Halogen lighting–> LED lighting; halogen lights are very inefficient with hot temperatures while LED lights emit a white light that enhances graphics will using 15 times less energy then comparable 150 watt halogen lights.

Sintra-> Greencore; Sintra is made from PVC (polyvinylchloride) which contain toxans, mercury and lead which are dangerous to human health and the environment. Greencore is a biodegradable printable substrate, made of natural ingredients.

Acrylic-> Eco-glass; acrylic is made from petroleum based virgin plastic, while eco glass is made from 100% recycled plastics.

Petroleum based adhesives and finishes–> Low VOC adhesives and finishes; Traditional petroleum release toxic fumes into the environment and air during manufacturing and throughout much of it’s life cycle. Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) are water based products and has a clean air manufacturing process.

Green booths designs are now as dynamic as high end hybrid displays, with all the functionality. Contrary to beliefs that going green will cost more, these sustainable displays are actually cost competitive with traditional exhibits.

To see and learn more about green trade show displays, see the Element line of booths here.

Evo Exhibits is a full-service trade show exhibit company. Evo is pleased to offer a complete line of green exhibits and green rental exhibits that are made from eco-friendly materials without compromising design, functionality and durability.

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