SafeSquid: Web Filtering Proxy for Windows, with Pornographic Image Filtering Capability Released

OEIPL, developers of the popular content filtering software - SafeSquid, have released a new version for Windows. The highlight of the release is the capability to block pornographic images from almost any source in real-time.

Mumbai, India, September 05, 2010 --( OEIPL, developers of the popular content filtering software - SafeSquid, recently released a new version of SafeSquid Business Edition for Windows. The highlight of this release is its capability to block pornographic images from almost any source in real-time. Image Filter does not take into consideration the source of the image, not the application used to view it. It could be a web page accessed from a browser, or an email accessed from a web-mail application.

SafeSquid forwards all images that are being accessed through it, to the Pornographic Image Filter module, which then analyzes the graphic content of images, like skin tones, contours, etc. and allocates a score to the images. The score ranges from -10.00 to +10.00. An image is very likely to be pornographic if it scores higher, and less likely if it scores lower. SafeSquid administrators can define a threshold score, and the images that score higher than the threshold score are then blocked by SafeSquid. Depending on user profiles, administrators can even define a different threshold limit for different users or groups of users.

Although Pornographic Image Filter is about 90% accurate, with about 10% false positives and negatives, it acts as a good deterrent. Image Filter could be very useful, especially in education institutes. With image filter in place, administrators could make sure that even if users manage to bypass filters like Keyword Filter, URL Filter and URL Blacklist, they would still not be able to view unwanted images. Such images will get blocked even when they are served from hosts that would usually allowed access to.

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About SafeSquid:
SafeSquid ( provides a reliable and efficient solution for enterprise-wide distribution of Internet Access. It delivers the essential goals of a Content Filtering Internet Proxy - 'Total Access Control' & 'Total Content Control'. It's unique features provide better Manageability, Granularity & Scalability than any other comparable solution. The various aspects of real-time content analysis, and modification have always been a part of SafeSquid's intrinsic architecture. It is therefore very robust, and can handle thousands of concurrent requests, while performing complex content filtering, in real-time.

SafeSquid is used world-wide by Value Added ISP, Educational Institutions, Software and Technology Companies, ITES / Business Processing Enterprises, Public Access Internet Distributions, Research and Design Businesses, Manufacturing and Logistic Businesses & Financial Services.

SafeSquid free editions for Linux and Windows are very popular with home users, primarily for parental control; and small business users, for its 'content filtering' capabilities, and content caching feature, that helps them to reduce bandwidth usage.

About OEIPL:
Office Efficiencies is a team of highly dedicated, skilled, experienced young professionals, engaged in delivering software products, services and solutions. The team has a vast and profound knowledge of security solutions in the field of Information Technology. The core competencies of this team lie in its capability to understand the requirements of an IT Enterprise, which enables them to deliver near-ideal solutions. This team thrives in bridging the gap between the user needs, technical constraints and budgetary allocations. The development team has a rich experience of having successfully created solutions served on Microsoft® Windows® and Linux platforms.

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