A Surprising and Entertaining Novel of the UFO Phenomenon— Told from a Biblical Perspective

UFOs and Aliens seem to shadow our curiosity. There have been many attempts to prove and disprove the existence of both. In this gripping novel, a long held secret is bared. This secret propels the characters in the novel into some very bizarre circumstances. Who knows? The events in this novel may very well become tomorrow’s headlines.

Parker, CO, January 02, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Consider for a moment this question: What if UFOs really existed?

Forget everything you have ever read about little green men flying saucer-shaped spacecraft, intent on enslaving humankind or destroying the Earth. What if UFOs were really real—and there wasn’t some alien behind the mystery, but God himself!

The UFO phenomenon is nothing new. There are ancient cave paintings in Italy with petroglyphs that appear very astronaut-like, medieval frescoes of flying ships, renaissance travelogues of encounters with strange flying crafts and “angelic” beings. Over the centuries and millennia of human history there has been a thread of suspicion directed toward the heavens. Generations have searched the skies with hope, fear, or curiosity, certain there was some sort of tangible intelligent life hidden behind the veil of the universe.

In UFOs God and the Devil, Miles Pride is not afraid to admit there may be a connection between the worlds of religion and science—or science fiction. “I have enjoyed reading the Bible since I was 14 years old,” Pride says. “Later in life, when I seriously began to wonder—like everyone else—who or what was behind the extraterrestrial mystery, I turned to the Bible for possible clues.”

What Pride uncovered in his research will astound you. “My findings became so intriguing,” Pride says, “that I was determined to put it in novel form.”

UFOs God and the Devil is a fresh but plausible approach to the UFO phenomenon, a page-turner of impressive intelligence and insight. Pride has crafted a novel that will entertain and mesmerize you, one that will have you looking up at the night sky with new eyes.

Miles Pride is the author of Master of the Imagination. He is currently hard at work on his new novel, a sequel to UFOs God and the Devil.

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