Personal Experiences with God are Related in New Non-fiction Collection

This is a book about God — a collection of stories, compiled by an engineer, written by people who have met Him and found that it changed their lives. The accounts are gentle, positive, joyful, comforting, and full of lovingkindness. They show us that God is truly our divine parent who loves us and cares for us.

Parker, CO, January 17, 2007 --( Presenting the Kindness of God ~ How God Cares for Us by Paul Robb.  “How do you go about writing a book about God?” was the question that author Paul Robb had to consider when he decided to publish such a book. Robb is an optical engineer who, at the age of 27, had a profound spiritual experience, and discovered a God totally different from the one he had been taught to believe in. He found a God that “was so kind and loving” that “it instantly and permanently changed my view of God, religion, the meaning of life, my entire worldview. Kindness just poured out of Him.”

Robb’s experience led him to search out others who had also faced such a life-altering event. The result is The Kindness of God: How God Cares for Us—a collection of stories from those who have had such a divine contact. “They have experienced God,” Robb said, “as a Divine Parent who loves us, cares for us, has a relationship with us; who appears in our lives, asked or unasked, to comfort and guide and protect us.” 

One story comes from a Vietnam veteran. He was a 21-year-old conscientious objector serving as a medic who writes of a time when he was ordered to evacuate men who were trapped by enemy fire. He says that he believed that it was a suicide mission, and that as he prayed for guidance, he experienced the strong smell of roses and felt an invisible protection around him. This odor and feeling remained as he went about the harrowing task of rescuing men in the midst of incredible danger. As a result of his actions, eighteen wounded soldiers were evacuated. And he was untouched. 

“I’ve known that God can visit at strange times, and that there is a palpable presence to these visitations… There is always a palpable sense of oneness with the universe. A big part of my life since that day has been learning to sense that presence more often, and more readily. In short, I have learned to live a prayer as much as possible, rather than praying to live,” the author says. 

More than one hundred and fifty stories grace The Kindness of God, stories of healing, renewal of hope, protection, and feeling God's presence. 

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