Kappix Announces the Release of DRoster 3.0 Employee Scheduling Software

The improved DRoster Employee Scheduling is a milestone for Kappix and its users: the new scheduling program integrates users' most frequently requested features. The Kappix Team's ongoing campaign urging users to send feedback finally pays off.

Boston, MA, January 02, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Prior to this official release of DRoster Employee Scheduling Software, Kappix launched a sneak preview of DRoster on its website for freeware users. The freshly released DRoster freeware seemed to have a following as the Kappix Team witnessed thousands of downloads along with a downpour of feedback from DRoster users within the first couple of days of its quiet release.

Commenting on the new release, O. Bunik, head of the Kappix Team, said: "The team is delighted with users' responses and practical suggestions. I think customers and users know that we do our best to implement their suggestions. They know there is someone out there who not only listens but also responds."

In fact, Kappix designed DRoster 3.0 largely based on users' requests. Features such as adding your own company's logo, are a product of customer requests. Yet another feature simplifies the installations of DRoster standalone version and DRoster shared over a network; users do not have to be a pc guru to install DRoster. Also added: a new Hourly Screen, an enhanced availability setting for each Employee/ recurrence, greater variety of scheduling reports, on screen printing,exporting the Planner to various formats, an enhanced template feature, partial views and a new license model.

DRoster Employee Scheduling Software 3.0 now comes in two installation flavors: one for a shared network (client-server) and another, standalone. Kappix simplified the installation so that anyone can install either mode easily.

DRoster 3.0 includes licensing packages for concurrent users, making DRoster an affordably priced cost-effective employee scheduling solution. Kappix offers a fully functional download of DRoster Employee Scheduler 3.0 along with support at the Kappix website at no cost. The downloadable version of DRoster holds up to 300 shifts (unlimited in the registered version), but it can be used indefinitely by deleting old shifts. DRoster does not require forms to fill and is unlimited in time.

"The Kappix R&D Team strongly believes in DRoster's capabilities. We want DRoster to be as widely used as possible and so Kappix is offering DRoster 3.0 free to anyone who needs to create and manage scheduling," says Mr. Bunik.

DRoster Employee Scheduler 3.0 full version can be purchased online. Interested organizations and businesses can visit the Kappix website for more information about sales and packages, DRoster Employee Scheduler 3.0 product details, download and Kappix contact info. Businesses and organizations interested in customized features can contact sales or info at kappix. Companies interested in affiliating with Kappix can contact marketing.

Kappix Scheduling Software Producer has been providing DRoster Employee Scheduling Software since November 2005. Kappix is a privately-held company consisting of software engineers and organizational HR consultants teaming together to create DRoster. Their mission is to interact with users and the best of technology to develop an industry neutral scheduling program that saves time, money, and has an unlimited database that grows with any business.

Kappix invites users to send the Kappix Team their wish lists for an ideal employee scheduling program to support the team in their ongoing campaign to create an ultimate useable employee scheduling software.

Nancy Berger