Dotcom Software Release Anti-Piracy Module for DotNetNuke

Edinburgh, United Kingdom, September 08, 2010 --( Software developers Dotcom Software Solutions Ltd. today released Licence Master, a new anti-piracy module for the open source content management system, DotNetNuke (DNN).

Licence Master is aimed at software developers and vendors that need to protect their web applications from unauthorised use and distribution. The module is installed as an extension to the DotNetNuke platform and will be of particular interest to commercial module developers working within the DNN ecosystem.

Licence Master coordinates and automates the business processes involved in software licence issue and management. It supports flexible licensing policies, and allows manual intervention by licence administrators when required. Integrated with an e-commerce application, it makes a fully automated software sales and licensing process a reality.

The automation of sales and licensing processes means lower administrative effort and costs for vendors. By protecting the intellectual property inherent in software applications, Licence Master offers software publishers the prospect of reduced piracy and a corresponding increase in revenue.

“There is no contradiction between commercial and open source software,” Dotcom Managing Director Paul Taylor said. “The DotNetNuke ecosystem is a thriving example of the synergy that exists between them. Software development is essentially an economic activity. People make their living from it in various ways, and Dotcom is here to help them to do that.

“To produce a software application requires a considerable investment of time and resources. To be able to make that investment, producers need to know that their ability to commercialise their products is protected in a fair way. Copyright law is there to give software developers the right to benefit from their work, just as it does for musicians, authors and film-makers. Licence Master simply provides a mechanism to enforce it”.

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