NobelCom Affiliate Program Features a New Payment Method

NobelCom has in place a rewarding affiliate program ever since 2000, but over time, more and more improvements have been taking place. As such, the program now features a new payment method, that many affiliate partners might find more convenient: PayPal.

Hamilton, Bermuda, October 21, 2010 --( NobelCom’s prepaid phone cards are by no means new on the market. Ever since 1998, when the company first launched its products, their calling cards have been serving as a convenient way to make international calls - for millions of customers, according to sources from NobelCom.

In 2000, the company also started focusing on offering an Affiliate program to people interested in promoting their products, in exchange for earning commissions from sales generate. Ever since 2000, NobelCom worked on improving this program, to the point where they are now offering advanced marketing tools and an accurate, reliable tracking system.

One novelty to NobelCom's Affiliate Program is a new payment method, which everyone can and is encouraged to use: PayPal. According to NobelCom, this should be the preferred payment method for all affiliate partners, as it eliminates the ever increasing bank charges.

Also, PayPal is a trusted payment processor, and users can also use their PayPal account to shop online, all the time knowing that the retailer never sees their credit card or banking details.

Yet another advantage of using PayPal as opposed to the alternative (wire transfer) is that PayPal transactions take place almost instantly, whereas the wire transfer ca take up to 48 hours.

And for those who don't already know how it works, NobelCom’s affiliate program is rather easy to understand and join: people are encouraged to promote the cards (on their own websites, personal pages, blogs, etc). Prepaid phone cards sold by them are tracked, and they earn a percentage of the sales they've generated.

According to NobelCom, anyone can join the program, regardless of their location, or even language used on their website.

Alexandra Haret