Someone Once Said Words are Cheap

But he obviously didn't know what he was talking about...

New York, NY, January 03, 2007 --( Malka Maxwell selected from a group of highly competitive candidates to provide immediate on-site counseling and job placement for individuals whose jobs were lost due to the World Trade Center Disaster in 2001; a former Recruiter, Job Coach and Job Developer, Vocational Instructor, and a Residence Manager (group homes) with over 15 years experience has come out with a step by step simple, yet concise guide titled "A Guide to Creating Resumes and Cover Letters," in New York December of 2006. The guide is currently available in PDF format, a paper back version is expected in early 2007.

After going on and doing other projects she decided to take the knowledge that she had learned and applied in her own life, and share it with others. "A Guide to Creating Resumes and Cover Letters" is just that. A simple step by step guide that is concise and written in a simplistic manner. The guide was written to help the new job seeker; be it a displaced homemaker, a high school student, a college student create a resume and cover letter as well as the best ways to create an effective job application. The book also offers a career resource start for those choosing a career, and basic tips on how to get through an interview. This book is written from a point of view to help the job seeker understand the purpose and function of resumes, thus taking out the fear and trepidation most people feel when confronted with writing a resume.

“'A Guide to Creating Resumes and Cover Letters" covers the following areas:
Creating Effective Resumes
Creating Effective Applications
Writing Intriguing Cover Letters
Triumphing on Tests

The book is currently available in PDF format, a paper back version of the book will be available in early 2007. 

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The company name is SQR This will be a site dedicated to helping job seekers and recruiter, and HR personnel. The site will be dedicated to recruiting and job related topics, and offer a variety of employment field related books; Malka Maxwell is offering workshops for groups and individuals who need personal attention.

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