64clicks Announces New Integrated Marketing Framework

The Omnipresent Marketing Framework ® (OPM), is designed to maximize marketing budgets while bridging the gap between conceptual design and final execution.

Sterling, VA, September 09, 2010 --(PR.com)-- 64clicks, a Virginia-based digital marketing firm today announced the release of its Omnipresent Marketing Framework ® (OPM), a collection of blueprints and best practices designed to maximize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

"The framework was a natural response to the dramatic shifts taking place in the field of branding and marketing today. We analyzed multiple trends and compiled data from diverse industry studies. The numbers were clear - customers were looking for a balanced and holistic approach to marketing. In addition, there was a need for a repeatable and predictable marketing execution process. The framework was born to meet precisely these needs and offer a platform for success. Our clients are already enjoying the benefits of the integrated and coordinated approach put forward by the Omnipresent Marketing Framework ®," says Levent Gurses, President of 64clicks, the company behind the OPM framework.

The heart of the new framework is the principle of omnipresence - being everywhere all the time. The ability of brands to be present in multiple marketing venues simultaneously is an enormous advantage, and case studies demonstrate the impact of repeatable integrated marketing.

Data shows many marketing campaigns fall short of delivering real value. High costs, minimal returns, lack of a process, reliance on plans and speculations rather than tests or numbers, failing to consider alternatives, and skipping postmortems are some of the factors negatively affecting marketing campaigns.

The Omnipresent Marketing Framework brings stability and process to a discipline often characterized as chaotic and unpredictable. It helps bridge the gap in strategic vision and operational timing between executive, marketing, product development and web development teams. The executive teams clearly understand the cost and return of each activity and its relative timing withing the lifecycle of the product. The marketing teams gain a clear vision on the activities and responsibilities within a marketing organization and the timing of each marketing activity. The web development teams can better plan their activities from inception to final delivery because of the lifecycle plans provided by the OPM. The activities managed in the OPM lifecycle are: Core message development (Copywriting), Logo design (Design), Cause or Sponsorship Selection - (Public relations), Website design (Design), Landing page design (Design), Blog setup and design (Design), Social media design (Design), Website copy (Copywriting), Email newsletters (Copywriting), Article writing (Copywriting), Blog writing (Copywriting), Social media services (Copywriting), Press release writing and distribution (Copywriting, Public relations), News releases (Public relations), Social media (Public relations), Direct visits conversion (Conversion optimization), Organic search conversion (Conversion optimization), Paid ads (PPC) conversion (Conversion optimization), Social conversion (Conversion optimization), Visual conversion (Artists, Art galleries) (Conversion optimization), Search Engine Optimization (Traffic), Paid Ads (PPC) (Traffic), Social Media marketing (Traffic), Email marketing (Traffic) and Video marketing (Traffic). This powerful marketing model gives clients end-to-end solutions that optimize their marketing ROI.

Beginning Oct 2010 64clicks will offer release 1.0 of the OPM framework in two tiered service packages. The 64clicks framework development team is confident that cost-conscious consumer trends coupled with shifts in marketing trends will create a healthy demand for repeatable, predictable, integrated marketing methods such as the Omnipresent Marketing Framework.

About 64clicks
64clicks is an integrated marketing firm specialized in online branding, marketing and advertising.

64clicks is the creator of the Omnipresent Marketing Framework - an integrated marketing framework designed to maximize your investment in web design, SEO, PPC advertising, conversion optimization, video marketing, and social media.

The Omnipresent Marketing Framework is a collection of blueprints and best practices designed to help businesses establish online presence and maximize the return of their marketing investments. To find out more, visit the firm at www.64clicks.com or call (571) 357-2515.

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