Americans Still Find Ways to Defy Gambling Ban in the New Year

Even though a ban was passed last year supposedly outlawing Online Gambling, many resourceful citizens are still finding ways to beat the ban and carry on playing poker.

New York, NY, January 03, 2007 --( It's now 2007, and 3 months since Sen. Frist forced through the Unlawful Internet Gambling and Enforcement Act,  which inexplicably was an amendment to the Safe Port Act, which was designed to bring in a series of measures to increase security at ports. Even thought the gambling ban was never discussed at Congress it was signed into law.

However, many Americans have found a way to carry on gambing or playing Poker.

Using sites such as they have been able to see how to deposit money in accounts, and also which sites are still accepting US players.

These are very big, well known sites, and the only difference with the ones that stopped accepting US players, is that the ones who stopped are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The United States of Poker blog has also updated and added to their list of sites accepting US players so that it is completly up to date for 2007.

As well as this there are details of how you can join the fight against the bill online, plus information on a new sister site, which provides the same service to online casino players.

If you haven't found somewhere to play, or are unsure of the legality, head over to and see what options you have.

United States of Poker
Owen Rankin