Reaper Machines Begins a New Era in Custom Gaming PCs

It is the announcement of a new custom built gaming PC company in Denver Colorado with an unique twist of customization and support services

Denver, CO, September 15, 2010 --( PC Gamers Gain Respect in the World of Build-to-Order Custom PCs. Finally, a Gaming Company Created By Gamers for Gamers

Reaper Machines, a newly created company based in Denver Colorado has begun a new era in the video gaming PC world. Unlike other vendors, Reaper Machines offers custom build-to-order video gaming desktops, laptops and mini-ITX PCs with a twist. All components are from tier 1 suppliers, built only when ordered, tested and tuned, shipped with all the latest drivers to ensure their “open & play” concept. Plus services not offered before by gaming PC manufacturers: A 7x24 performance monitoring service and LoJack theft protection for PCs. All PCs are designed, built and tested in Denver.

The CEO, Vera Vlaar states, “At Reaper Machines, respect for the gamer is omnipotent. Reaper Machines approaches every business decision with the gamer first in mind. That’s why we offer an industry first: 7x24 performance monitoring and LoJack theft protection services for our gaming PCs." Never before has a gaming PC manufacturer offered this service to the Gamer. Now Reaper Machines becomes the first. When gamers purchase their gaming rigs from Reaper Machines they are buying high quality, extreme performance machines with the latest technology and services never before offered. Ms. Vlaar goes on to say “It is time to give the gamer the respect she/he deserves. It is the gamer that is driving the computer market to develop faster GPUs, faster processors, better tuned computers and better customer service. All consumers benefit by the gamer pushing the envelope of the computer industry.”

When asked about their tier one suppliers and why, Ms. Vlaar explained: "All our components, all of them come from the best quality tier one gaming components suppliers in the industry. Some of these components are even commercial grade. What we do is simply build a gaming PC with all quality tier one components. You will not see a second or third tier memory card in our machines, you will not see a second or third tier graphic card, or a second or third tier motherboard. Gamers know quality, they know the tier one suppliers and they want a real choice at competitive prices."

Ms. Vlaar firmly believes by offering the coolest, best built gaming PCs on the market, the gamer will come to appreciate their open and honest approach to creating a product designed and built by gamers for gamers. She states “We are different than the off-the-shelf box manufacturers because we ship all our units with the latest device drivers available that day of shipment. We do not ship a unit where the gamer has to spend 10 to 12 hours loading the latest drivers because their PC was sitting on a shelf for 30 days. It is part of our 'Open and Play' philosophy.” Ms. Vlaar goes on to point out there unique service offerings. “At Reaper Machines, we offer the gamer the ability to have us monitor their Gaming PC’s performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our Pittsburg Network Operating Center (NOC) facility. This helps the gamer keep their Reaper rig in top operating condition. We even allow the gamer the option to allow us to test those sometimes annoying Microsoft O/S monthly updates before they are download to their rig. Imagine that, we make sure the Microsoft updates won’t jeopardize their play before they get downloaded. The gamers love it. And let’s not forget the LoJack theft protection service that comes standard on all our gaming laptops. Gamers and thieves know that gaming rigs cost more than the average business PC. Thats why gaming rigs are targets of thieves. That’s why we have teamed with Absolute Software to offer the Computrace LoJack Software to help protect the gamer's investment. We look forward to servicing the gaming community.”

Reaper Machines is a Colorado Gaming PC Company based in Denver. Reaper Machines produces a high quality, extreme performance build-to-order gaming desktops, laptops and mini-ITX PCs. Unique services provide extra protection for the gamer. Gaming PCs designed and built by gamers for gamers. To contact Reaper Machines please call 1-888-HellsGate(435-5742) or please email us at Visit our web site at and become a part of the revolution in the new era of the custom gaming PCs.

Reaper Machines
Dave Peckham